Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS5 is insanely cheap [updated]

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
The UK prices for Grand Theft Auto V on PS5 have been confirmed on the PlayStation Store. PushSquare report that the single-player is £8.75 until June 14th, with GTA Online being free for PS Plus users until the same date.

After June 14th, the GTA V story mode (which has the online as a pack-in) will be £34.99. After the same date, GTA Online as a standalone will be £17.99. The game size has also been fully reported, it comes in at 97GB on PS5:

Thoughts? Is this as generous as we think it is? Let us know in the comments!

Grand Theft Auto V for PS5 looks set to be a surprisingly cheap experience given recent preorder information listed on the PlayStation Store. The current-gen version will be released on March 15th.

So, let's break down what videotech_ and Ditto2046 are talking about here. The base price of the story and online is £34.99/$39.99 USD/€39.99. However, there is an introductory price active from release until 14/06/2022 which will take the Australian version of the game down to $14.99 AUD. We estimate that probably makes the price £8.99/$10.99 USD/€10.99 in other regions, given that the original base price was a more expensive $59.95 AUD.

Now, the online mode will be sold as a standalone, which reliable account PlayStation Gamesize has scraped the details and revealed it is £17.99/$19.99. While it isn't stated if there is a discount for the standalone online mode, it probably doesn't matter given that the game will be free for PlayStation players, but isn't playable without the Plus subscription. Over on TrueAchievements, we scanned in the game at a mighty 94GB on Xbox Series X|S. Though, PlayStation file sizes are normally slightly smaller.

That means that on March 15th you can get playing GTA Online for free on PS5, and the story mode for the unconfirmed discount amount (£8.99/$10.99 USD/€10.99 est) until 14/06/2022. What do you think of this? We have suddenly had our heads turned, we have to be honest. Will we see you and the crew out in Los Santos? Let us know in the comments!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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