Horizon Forbidden West patch stops Aloy from talking about her stash as much

By Heidi Nicholas,
The latest patch for Horizon Forbidden West brings fixes and improvements for main quests, side quests, and more — it also means that Aloy won't refer to her stash as much.

Guerrilla Games shared the patch notes for Patch 1.06 — although the devs warn that the patch notes might contain spoilers, so read through with care! The patch fixes issues with the Reach for the Stars, Death's Door, The Dying Lands, The Broken Sky, The Kulrut, the Seeds of the Past, and the Singularity quests, as well as issues with the Blood Choke, the Promontory, The Wound in the Sand, and A Tribe Apart side quests.

Patch 1.06 tackles a number of problems with world activities, UI, graphics, and performance and stability. One gripe that players had was the fact that Aloy would constantly mention her stash, which could become a little repetitive if, like us, you like to pick up most things in your path, yet the patch includes a fix that means Aloy won't be so fond of referring to it.

You can check the full patch notes over on Reddit, where the devs also confirm a few of the known issues they're still working on, such as the issue where some players can't reach 100% in the Game Progression menu, some graphical issues, and the issue where Firegleam icons aren't always removed from the map.

How are you finding your experience with Horizon Forbidden West? If you're yet to get it or are unsure, check out Kes's Horizon Forbidden West review.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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