Horizon Forbidden West patch brings fixes for main quests, side quests, and more

By Heidi Nicholas,
Patch 1.05 launches today for Horizon Forbidden West, bringing a number of improvements, along with fixes for main quests, side quests, and more.

According to the patch notes, there are a few known issues that Guerrilla Games is investigating. The first, which is being treated as a high priority, are "several graphical issues reported by players regarding shimmering, sharpening and screen saturation when moving the camera." They're also looking into the problem with infinite loading screens when trying to access Melee Pits, the issue where Aloy’s outfit is blurry while using Photo Mode, and an issue in a main quest titled ‘Reach for the Stars.'

Patch 1.05, meanwhile, brings a number of fixes and improvements for main quests, side quests and errands, world activities, gameplay, and more. Issues with the Reach for the Stars, The Eye of the Earth, Cradle of Echoes, and The Sea of Sands quests have been fixed, as well issues with the Blood Choke, In The Fog, and Night of Lights quests and errands. Along with a number of world activity fixes, Guerrilla has also made it so that the Second Chance skill should work properly, and corrected image oversharpening in HDR mode, as well as an issue where the HUD flickers when looting, as well as the "graphical anomalies" caused by opening and closing the map. You can check out the full patch notes to see all the fixes, and, if you're looking for more info on the sequel, check out Kes's Horizon Forbidden West review.

Patch 1.05 launches today for Horizon Forbidden West.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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