Apex Legends to hold Anniversary Collection Event

By Heidi Nicholas,
Apex Legends is set to celebrate its third anniversary with the Anniversary Collection Event today from today, February 15th, until March 1st.

apex legends anniversary collection event

EA says it's "doing something a little different and special to celebrate our amazing players with the introduction of Prestige Skins, Legendary Squad Skins, and a reward tracker featuring community-created cosmetics."

The reward track is made up of cosmetics created by the community, "totalling 24 event-limited skins that players can earn during the event." There are three tiers, meaning three versions, of Prestige Skins, and once you've unlocked the first tier, you'll be given challenges which once completed will unlock the next two tiers. EA clarifies how this will work using the example of the Bloodhound Prestige Skin. "A player unlocks Tier 1 Bloodhound Prestige Skin. In order to unlock Tier 2 Bloodhound Prestige Skin, a player must complete the following challenge: Deal 30,000 damage with Bloodhound. The challenge begins the moment Tier 1 Bloodhound Prestige Skin is unlocked." Once that Tier 2 Bloodhound Prestige Skin is unlocked, their next challenge, for instance, would be to deal 70,000 additional damage with Bloodhound, which would unlock the Tier 3 Bloodhound Prestige Skin (which comes with its own finisher, Piercing Plasma). Once the event is over, the first tier of the Bloodhound Prestige Skin will be in the Mythics Shop for 150 Heirloom shards. The Anniversary Collection Event also features Legendary Squad Skins, which will be themed on fan favourites; for instance, Squad Skins inspired by "Crypto's Hypebeast" and Caustic's "Blackheart."

"Lastly, we wanted to say thank you to all the players that have been with us throughout the last three years," EA says. "We wouldn’t be here today without you and appreciate all the support. Here’s to many more anniversaries!"

The Anniversary Collection Event starts today, February 15th, at 10am PST/6pm GMT, and runs for the next two weeks until March 1st.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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