Dying Light 2 will take at least 500 hours to complete, says Techland [updated]

By Sean Carey,
Update: Following a wave of backlash, Techland tweeted to clarify its 500-hour completion estimate for its upcoming open-world zombie game, Dying Light 2.

Techland now says that the main story is a 20-hour completion, the main story with all of the sidequests is 80 hours in total, and that it will take 500 hours to "max out the game with all main and side quests, choices and endings, checking every place on the map, every dialogue, and finding every collectable."

Have you cleared your calendar for this one?

Original Story: If you're looking to 100% complete Dying Light 2, be prepared to invest some serious time with the game. Developer Techland has revealed that it will take "at least" 500 hours to complete the open-world action-RPG.

That's right, it will take you almost as long to walk from Warsaw (where Techland is based) to Madrid if you're looking to complete absolutely everything in Dying Light 2. Of course, this news didn't go down too well on Twitter, with some complaining that the long completion time had put them off from picking up the game. Later, Techland clarified the estimate in a follow-up tweet, saying, "It's about 100% completion rate, most of the players who are in for story and side quests will be able to complete the game quicker, it will still be a solid experience though!" While some Twitter users have criticised Techland, others have shared their excitement over having such a large game to dive into, saying it provides good value for money.

In a later tweet, Techland clarified the estimate further, explaining that Dying Light 2's story and side quests will take players between 70 and 80 hours to complete.

Dying Light 2's trophy list remains a mystery, so we don't yet know if trophy hunters will have to spend the full 500 hours completing every last thing in Dying Light 2 to pop the platinum. For context, Dying Light only takes between 40 and 50 hours to unlock the platinum trophy.

Dying Light 2 launches on February 4th.

How do you feel about Dying Light 2's 500-hour completion estimate? Do you think it's too long for a game? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments, TT crowd!
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