Days Gone devs discuss sequel plans, Resistance 4, Syphon Filter return, and more

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
God of War director David Jaffe has interviewed Jeff Ross and John Garvin about the state of Days Gone and PlayStation in a four-hour-long interview. In it, the trio talk Inside Baseball about Resistance 4, the Days Gone sequel, and more.

David Jaffe, since leaving behind game creation with Drawn To Death, has transitioned into the world of video game punditry. Recently, in a four-hour-long livestream, he interviewed PS4 exclusive Days Gone's creative leads, Jeff Ross and John Garvin. Ross, in particular, has been very public about the way that the Bend's game was poorly treated by internal studio management, recently saying that the game had sold well over 8 million copies.

In truth, Ross got his 8 million and 1 million-plus Steam sales numbers from Gamestat which tracked trophy numbers (not as well as us on TT, of course). The now-defunct site, if accurate, would provide units numbers, not the amount sold at full price, which Sony values more. That would render Ross' number slightly misleading, as while still a successful game, it wouldn't account for the number of games sold at a discount, given away through PlayStation Plus, or streamed through PlayStation Now.

Days Gone Screens

The Days Gone sequel was apparently not even given a look in after the initial sales, without any of the Sony executives even getting a chance to look at it. Ross said that "it did get reviewed on a level right above the studio, but I don’t think it went any further than that. The reviews were through the lens of 'the first one was a trainwreck in so many ways and didn’t sell awesome' and 'let's just keep these guys busy'." Ross said, going to mention that Days Gone 2 "was a non-starter and there was nothing in the pitch that made the local manager and his boss feel good about it. That’s probably a failure of the creative group. It was just an uphill battle."

Instead, Ross revealed that a Syphon Filter remaster might have been picked up if they had wanted to make it and that an open-world Resistance game pitch was rejected. Ross went on to say that the "open world Resistance would be f***ing rad. We have all these open world loops that we figured out and it almost wrote itself with Resistance. There were so many aspects of that property that kind of lent itself to open-world gameplay." Syphon Filter posed a different issue though: "I have zero ideas on how to reboot Syphon Filter. I was not interested in that at all."

There is plenty more in there to have a listen to if you are interested! What do you think of the Resistance reboot? Is it something you would want to see? How about those Day's Gone numbers? Let us know in the comments!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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