Thymesia launching on PlayStation 5 next year

By Tom West,
Thymesia follows the story of a half-human, half-raven creature that uses disease-based abilities in "punishing" combat. Touted as an action RPG, Thymesia will be launching on PS5 in 2022.

The strange Plague Doctor-looking creature is called Corvus, who's on a mission to save the dark kingdom he calls home, and piece together his fragmented memories. His mission will have him defending himself against various monstrous enemies that have been mutated by the plague — which Corvus can use to his advantage by weaponising their disease against them. Correctly timing your attacks, abilities, dodges, and parrys will be extremely important when attempting to survive the game's "punishing" combat.

Published by Team17 and developed by OverBorder Group, Thymesia hasn’t been given a solid release date yet, only that it’ll be launching on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2022.

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Tom West
Written by Tom West
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