Monster Hunter World passes 20 million mark to become one of the best-selling games ever

By Luke Albigés,
Capcom has revealed that Monster Hunter: World has stomped past 20 million sales, cementing it as the studio's biggest game ever with more than twice as many copies shifted as runner-up, Resident Evil 7.


In a press release put out earlier today, Capcom reminded us that World was "Capcom's best-selling title of all time within a month of its release" before going on to reveal that the game has sold more than 20 million copies since its January 2018 release. Copies of Iceborne Master Edition are included in that figure, which is fair enough since that's simply a bundle of base game and massive 2019 expansion, Iceborne.

One thing that makes this even more impressive is that World has been available to play for free on both PlayStation and Xbox at some point. It had a decent stint on Xbox Game Pass and was only removed a few months back, while PS5 owners have been able to play the core game as part of the PS Plus Collection since the new console launched last year. That must put the actual player count some way in excess of the newly-revealed — and already impressive — sales count, and it's crazy to think that this once-niche franchise now has a representative among the 50 best-selling games of all time.

Are you, like me, partially responsible for World's phenomenal success? Let us know below!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
Hey, I'm Luke! I've been playing games since way back in the 8-bit days, and have spent the last 15+ years writing and talking about them professionally for anyone and everyone who would let me. Monster Hunter fanatic, wearer of many fine hats, and always up for a raid.
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