PS5 trophies derailed again by Train Sim World 2

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
Dovetail Games, the developers behind Train Sim World 2, has reached the end of the line with trophies on PS5 and PS4, hitting a capped value for the number of DLC packs and trophies that wasn't previously thought to exist.

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Community Manager DTG Natster released a blog post explaining the issues with trophies on PS5. In short, the PS4 will be getting a trophy stack for the 138 Tube Stock DLC, but the PS5 won't. The DB BR 187 and West Cornwall Local are both unable to receive more DLC packs. The post explains several issues with the way Sony has handled DLC trophies.

"There is a limit on PlayStation 5 for both the number of DLC memory and number of trophies that can be earned in a single game and we are very close to that limit. We are working with Sony to work through both issues but are not yet able to promise there will be a solution. Until there is a further update, please assume that future releases on PlayStation 5 will not include trophies. [...]

While this issue is related to the add-on limit on PlayStation 5 our major focus is to resolve the add-on problem first and with all due haste. Fixing that issue will unfortunately not also resolve the limitation we currently have with trophies."

A short history: Train Sim World 2 had already begun to brush up against limits on PS4, with 20 DLC packs and 128 trophies . To circumvent issues on the system, developers like Dovetail could create a new game in order to add extra DLC packs — and thus trophies — into the game (see: Minecraft. Hitman 2, Monster Hunter World). This wouldn't affect the player's savefile, but would split a trophy list into two separate games.

This is where the issue lies on PS5. The limit is at 50 DLC packs for a trophy list that is split in two by a shared game. It was initially thought that the limits for trophy caps had been raised on PS5, but it actually seems like the opposite is true now that PS4 will continue receiving extra DLC trophies while the PS5 doesn't. It is a little disappointing that these issues haven't been ironed out for the developers by Sony, given that memory limits were already an issue on PS4.

What do you think of this news? Can anyone explain this further to us? Limit your trophy talk to the comments below!

Thanks to ShadowKisuragi for the news tip! (Also, apologies if I got this wrong.)
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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