The TT Community Interview: KGI_KlikoNL

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
The TrueTrophies Community interviews are back! This week, we are talking to KGI_KlikoNL about his trophy haul, favourite games, and more!

If you are interested in being interviewed, shoot me a direct message on the site for further details.


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My nickname is Kliko, and in real-life most of my friends also call me Kliko. My primary hobby is gaming, but I also like: history, travelling, and watching most sports. I have PDD-NOS/Aspies/ADD. I have done a year of Web/Game Design. I swapped in October 2019 from Xbox to Playstation.

How did you start gaming and trophy hunting?

As long as I can remember, we have had a console at home. Starting with the original Nintendo. My mom took it from my dad for me when my parents divorced when I was 4. I have been hunting for achievements ever since I connected my Xbox 360 to the internet the day I bought it, to update Skate with the release day patch.

Which consoles do you predominantly play at the moment?

PlayStation 4

Give us a taste of your favourite games!

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, the Fallout Series, Forza Horizon (the only game I miss from my time with Xbox).

Fallout 76 B.E.T.A screenshot

What is your favourite genre?

Racing, Sports, and then whatever genre that includes GTA, Watch_Dogs, Assassin's Creed, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls Online.

Where in the world are you and what is the gaming climate like there?

I’m from the Netherlands and since the sudden Xbox One delays here in 2013, it's shifted to a Playstation country. There is a big gaming community, particularly with PC LAN parties. Back in 2014, we did not do badly as a country in the TA Winter Olympics Regionals.

Do you have any controversial hot takes related to gaming?

  1. In 2016, EA said FUT is gambling, but now — in courts — it says it’s not. Then, EA released FIFA 22 anyway and will only change the way packs work later.
  2. The Fallout storyline can still happen in real life.

Do you have a love for a game that isn’t well-regarded by others?

Probably a sports game like Tennis or Golf. I find them too boring to watch. But, I like to play once in a while, just a few matches on console.

What upcoming game are you most excited about?

Riders Republic. It has pretty much every extreme sport I like. I went downhill on an MTB myself, lots of times when I was in South Tyrol. Though the Skiing goes well, snowboarding not so much...

The Trophy Case

elder scrolls ps5 next gen upgrade

What is the hardest trophy you have earned?

Back on the Xbox, in my opinion, I got the most difficult achievement of my time with games: “The Bladder of Steel Award” in Rock Band 2. Six hours of playing, without pausing the game or failing a song.

Rock Band 2Hidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Rock Band 2 worth 382 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

What is the longest it took for you to earn a trophy?

I guess this will be one that was broken and where we all needed to wait till it was fixed. Like, “Seasoned to Perfection” in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 (PS4)Seasoned to PerfectionThe Seasoned to Perfection trophy in FIFA 21 (PS4) worth 51 pointsComplete 2 Milestone Groups in FIFA Ultimate Team

What is the naughtiest way you have circumvented the hard work to grab a trophy?

I’m a clean player that does not like to use exploits. But, I guess, this is getting “Field Medic” in Fallout 76. Fellow TT member YinNYK and I did the revives by downing each other.

Fallout 76Field MedicThe Field Medic trophy in Fallout 76 worth 40 pointsRevive 20 Fallen Players

Skate 3 ~ HeroArt

What is the easiest full list for the best game?

Theme Park Simulator. You only need to start up each ride and sit for 5 minutes in it.

What is the trophy you are most embarrassed to have?

“Out of Your Depth” in Grand Theft Auto V. It’s never fun to be eaten by a shark.

Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)Out of Your DepthThe Out of Your Depth trophy in Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) worth 35 pointsYou're gonna need a bigger boat...

What trophy are you embarrassed not to have?

“Geologist” in NBA 2K20. But, this is because of our weird Gambling Law. Take-Two straight-up locked Transfer Market for Dutch players. EA is still fighting this law with FIFA. It’s not about how much money you can spend on lootboxes, but it’s about what you can do with the ‘surprise items’ after you open the lootbox. You cannot trade them (even in-game), hence the start of Preview Packs in FIFA UT. It removes the surprise element (the gambling part).

NBA 2K20GeologistThe Geologist trophy in NBA 2K20 worth 100 pointsCollect a player card of every gem color in MyTEAM

Which lists have you given up on?

Project Cars 3, Watch_Dogs 2, Battle Islands: Commanders, Driveclub, and GRID.


Best non-trophy related gaming achievement?

Maybe helping others get trophies, even if I have them already. Otherwise, my 90+ rated Dutch Team in FIFA 21 UT which I made without buying FIFA-Points with real money.

When you first skim a trophy list, what do you look for?

Unreleased games I just look over them, just to know what to expect. For games that are already out, I look over to see if there are discontinued, bugged, or broken trophies.

How should a list be constructed?

I have exactly the same view as Slayer from the first TT Community Interview: “In a manner that encourages the player to try out the different modes and ways to experience what the game has to offer, without incentivising unnatural play or grinds that overstay their welcome.”

The Community

Screenshot 2

Any TT community shout-outs?

The staff that makes this site possible. You, Kes, for doing this and all the general news here on TT. All the members, who keep the discussions going here. And, finally, all my friends here on TT.

We would like to thank KGI_KlikoNL for taking the time to speak to us. It’s really awesome that we have had so much correspondence! If you have any other suggestions or would like to have a swing at answering some questions yourself, feel free to let us know in the comments!
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