Introducing Unique Game PlayStation leaderboards

By Rich Stone,
There are an extraordinary number of 'stacks' available on PlayStation — multiple versions of the same game that are available on different platforms and in different regions.

Thanks to the proliferation of easy games that also have multiple stacks, it's easy (and relatively cheap) to add thousands of trophies (including platinums) to an account in a short space of time. For those that have the money, obtaining a high trophy level can now be done very quickly and without too much skill.

Here on TrueTrophies, we want to celebrate those people that work hard for their score, and to help with that, we've created a brand new set of PlayStation leaderboards:

Unique Games Leaderboards

We've worked some database magic to bring you the new Unique Games leaderboards. These work by only counting your highest-scoring version of a game when that game has stacks.

So let's say you've played both Access Denied on PS4 and also Access Denied on Vita... the Unique Games leaderboard would take only the version you scored highest in. If you've completed both versions (as you probably would have done!), we take the one with the highest TT score.

You can instantly see the difference removing the stacks makes from the main TrueTrophy all-game leaderboards, both to the total number of games and the top positions:

PlayStation Unique Games leaderboardPlayStation Unique Games leaderboard

Over 5,000 duplicate games have been removed from the Unique Games leaderboard, and we also have a different gamer taking the top spot!

You can access the Unique leaderboards by going to any of the PlayStation Leaderboards, and then clicking on the Leaderboard Settings dropdown, ticking the Unique Games checkbox and then clicking the Apply button, or by using any of the direct links below:
Unique GamesChoose Unique Games checkbox on the Leaderboard Settings

As with all of our main leaderboards, you can then filter by game genre and/or platform, and also find your position on the leaderboard by clicking on the ... button at the top of the page and selecting Find my position.

You can also click Track my position and we will start tracking your position on that particular board every day and it will appear on your homepage. If you like, you can even share your position on the leaderboard in general by using the share links on the page.

We hope you enjoy these new leaderboards — please let us know in the comments below any other features you would like to see on TrueTrophies!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Rich created TrueTrophies in order to reward gamers properly for the hardest trophies they earned. The site has now become one of the leading PlayStation communities around, and Rich is just as passionate as he's ever been about trophies and PlayStation.
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