PS5 Pro coming in 2023, claims YouTuber

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
The PS5 Pro might be coming by the end of 2023, making a half-step between generations just like the PS4 Pro before it, if a recent report from industry sources is to be believed.

PS5 revision manual

Tom (second name N/A) from Moore's Law is Dead was on Episode 110 of the Sacred Symbols+ podcast hosted by games-journalist-turned-pundit Colin Moriarty. The Moore's Law is Dead channel focuses on the hardware and tech behind consoles and PC, aiming to inform and analyse current happenings in the market. The team there has previously reported on a Super Switch model (not the Switch OLED) long before large publications and appears to have sources inside chip-manufacturer AMD.

In the podcast, a two-pronged question is asked about the new half-step generation trend at the 48 minute mark. "Do you feel like [Sony] are going to do a — I mean, they are obviously going to do a revision — but do you think that they'll do a Pro model for PS5 at some point? Do you think that'll be necessary?" The response is very direct from Tom: "I know they will, 2023." When asked if that is what Tom's sources said, he responded by saying "Yeah, [...] but no one is even willing to tell me anything because they know that there will be an investigation if this leaks. I'm pretty sure you're going to get one by 2024, most likely by the end of 2023, probably from both companies." The second company here is Microsoft.

That was the most substantiated piece of news given on the PS5 Pro, though Tom had some further informed speculations. Naturally, take this with a pinch of salt. "If it wasn't for the RAM, I would say that the PS5 could be the last console almost... I mean, what do you need? [...] I think RDNA 3, or some derivative of that, RDNA 4, is what's going to go into the PS5. I would suspect the leap from [...] PS5 base to PS5 Pro will be bigger than what the leap was from PS4 to PS4 Pro, simply because AMD is a much better company now. [...] I think they are going to over double performance in three years and I also, though, think they're going to charge $600 or more."

This is all informed speculation, though it is interesting that it is the RAM that is suggested to be currently holding back the console. It seems to be an opinion based upon something that Santa Monica VFX Artist Chris Rey talked about on Tom's Moore's Law is Dead podcast called Broken Silicon, on Episode 111. There Chris Rey said: "We could use [extra RAM] today, man." He explains that it would allow VFX artists to produce better effects without having to knee cap their file sizes.

Fascinating stuff from the world of tech, then. We have reached to Moore's Law is Dead for extra comment and will keep you updated. What do you think of the PS5 Pro step up? Too soon? Are you only concentrated on getting a base PS5? Let us know in the comments!
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