Summer Sale Refresh: here are our top picks, but what are yours?

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
The Summer Sale is being topped up with new games for you to enjoy. There are some massive discounts on games new and old, AAA and indie, and exclusive or not! The TT staff have picked out three for you, but really: we want your contribution! Leave a comment and we will endeavour to include you in next weeks Community Picks piece!

PlayStation Summer Sale refresh ff7 final fantasy 7

The PlayStation Store is currently listing the whole Summer Sale selection. Our sale recap for the EU/UK and US territories, though, has it all boiled down to just the new games added. Because we are wonderful, the lists can help you compare regional prices, see the trophy lists, and — on the sales tab of the game page — help you negotiate when the best deals for that game have been!

While we have put together three picks from the sale, we like to ensure our TT community gets a say. So, if you bought a game (or just something else that caught your eye) from the Summer Sale refresh down below, you might see yourself in a Community Picks piece next Wednesday! Is there something you would recommend that you have played? Something you have had your eye on? Or just a damn good deal? Just drop us a line!

Supergiant Games must be one of the best working developers today. With Bastion (75% off), Pyre (65% off), and Hades it has some all-timers under its belt, but for me, Transistor is the little jewel on the crown that just ties the catalogue together. It isn’t the biggest narrative experience like Hades, it isn’t quite as neat and tidy as Bastion; but, it is beautiful all the same.

Transistor is an action RPG with real-time strategy combat arenas. Protagonist Red was a singer in Cloudbank city, but then things take a turn for the worst (there was some death) and now you must fight your way through a dystopian world. The story is really compelling and, on occasion, deeply sad. You use a massive sword (that talks) to deal with foes as tactically as possible using different Functions (unique powers) in different combinations. There is a ludicrous amount of depth here that makes it fun just to try different methods — an area of effect attack in tandem with a clone of Red, for example — to try and get past foes in different ways. Composer Darren Korb has also made a soundtrack that bangs harder than a talking sword being swung into your face. An embed of my favourite track is visible down below!

The Platinum is quite hard without a guide, but it is a list that requires you to fully explore the game. For 75% off, I would recommend this to pretty much anyone. Pick it up and let us know what you think!



From the creators of Bastion, Transistor is a sci-fi themed action RPG that invites you to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as you fight through a stunning futuristic city.

1 player
3GB minimum save size
DUALSHOCK®4 Vibration Function
Remote Play Supported
HD Video Output 720p,1080i,1080p

Download of this product is subject to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and our Software Usage Terms plus any specific additional conditions applying to this product. If you do not wish to accept these terms, do not download this product. See Terms of Service for more important information.
One-time licence fee to download to multiple PS4 systems. Sign in to PlayStation Network is not required to use this on your primary PS4, but is required for use on other PS4 systems.
See Health Warnings for important health information before using this product.
Library programs ©Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. exclusively licensed to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Software Usage Terms apply, See for full usage rights.

© Supergiant Games, LLC 2014. Bastion and Transistor are registered trademarks of Supergiant Games, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Outer Worlds is pure, ridiculous fun. You wake up in the middle of absolute chaos, and are shoved out into the world by some sort of frenzied scientist outlaw, all while having a bizarre conspiracy theory garbled at you — and the pace doesn’t really slow down from there. You gather together a ragtag group of companions, find yourself a ship with a worryingly sentient AI pilot, and set out into the Halcyon colony with the vague idea of saving it — or blowing everything up if you feel like it. The Outer Worlds never takes itself seriously, and the whole game is threaded with a vein of wry humour that Fallout fans will most likely recognise. The dialogue is excellent, and as usual, each choice you have to make will leave you desperately wondering if it was the “right” one. All in all, the Outer Worlds is an explosion of colour tied together with a wacky sense of humour, and at 40% off, it’s a real bargain — especially since a sequel is looming on the horizon.

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds

Lost in transit while on a colonist ship bound for the furthest edge of the galaxy, you awake decades later than you expected only to find yourself in the midst of a deep conspiracy threatening to destroy the Halcyon colony. As you explore the furthest reaches of space and encounter a host of factions all vying for power, who you decide to become will determine the fate of everyone in Halcyon. In the corporate equation for the colony, you are the unplanned variable.

Welcome to the future - try not to break it.

• Build any character you want in this thrilling single-player first person RPG - including optional flaws based on your own game experience.

• Lead a crew of companions armed with unique abilities that have their own missions, motivations and ideals.

• Find your ship and explore the settlements, space stations and other diverse locations in the Halcyon colony.

There are few games in the current sales that will offer more bang for your buck than Persona 5 Royal. Sure, the original version is included of Persona 5 is included in the PS Plus Collection, but the sheer volume of new and improved content in Royal makes it worth splashing out for — you’re going to be investing 100+ hours here, so you’re going to want the experience to be as good as it can be, right? For all its great quality-of-life improvements, this stylish JRPG does make the questionable design choice of having its chunkiest piece of new content (a whole additional dungeon) be missable, so be sure to get the Councilor confidant to rank nine by November if you want to get everything done in one run. That’s something that wasn’t especially realistic in the original release, but is actually really quite easy in Royal. The new trophy list is much more straightforward than before and the platinum is obtainable inside a single run, although bear in mind that mention of 100+ hours previously was no exaggeration. Persona 5 is an absolute beast of a game and with Royal adding even more to see and do, this will be far from a quick completion. It’s absolutely brilliant though, all the way from its tight tactical combat to its open-ended time management to its incredible style and visuals, so this one comes highly recommended as the definitive version of what is probably the best JRPG of the last generation.

 Persona®5 Royal

Persona®5 Royal

Wear the mask. Reveal your truth.
Prepare for an all-new RPG experience in Persona®5 Royal based in the universe of the award-winning series, Persona®! Don the mask of Joker and join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Break free from the chains of modern society and stage grand heists to infiltrate the minds of the corrupt and make them change their ways! Persona®5 Royal is packed with new characters, story depth, new locations to explore, & a new grappling hook mechanic for access to new areas. With a new semester at Shujin Academy, get ready to strengthen your abilities in the metaverse and in your daily life. Persona®5 Royal presents a unique visual style and award nominated composer Shoji Meguro returns with an all-new soundtrack. Explore Tokyo, unlock new Personas, customize your own personal Thieves Den, discover a never-before-seen story arc, cutscenes, alternate endings, and more!

Also, Kes did a music thing, so I can’t not follow suit — P5’s OST is just wall-to-wall bangers, after all.

Get your picks in down below, and hopefully we'll see you in the article next week!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Editor Kes is our resident expert in PlayStation and other gaming news. He writes about PS5 exclusives like The Last of Us and Horizon, PS Plus news, and his favorite games — The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, and God of War — before an evening swim.
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