Red Dead Online: Blood Money is live now, adding Crimes and Opportunities

By Heidi Nicholas,
Guido Martelli and the Bronte family are handing out Crimes and Opportunities for Red Dead Online players to make use of with the Blood Money update.

According to Rockstar, "Blood Money delivers a raft of new criminal possibilities available to everyone across the entire world of Red Dead Online, with each step leading to the potential of greater rewards." Guido Martelli, a high-ranking member of Angelo Bronte's gang, will have Crimes available for players to participate in, in order to recover Capitale: a "unique commodity" favoured by the Bronte family. Blood Money adds three "multi-part Crime Contracts" — The Railroad Contract, The Jeb Phelps Contract, and The Bluewater Contract. Rockstar also recommends keeping an eye out for any other robbery opportunities available.

Recovering Capitale and proving your loyalty will lead to major Opportunities. There will apparently be three of these as well, with the first focusing on a Lemoyne senator who's apparently an enemy of the Bronte family. "Damage the senator by stealing three Jewels of the West, the first of which is in pursuit of the Covington Emerald, an ill-gotten heirloom coveted by black hats far and wide, being transported by rail on a heavily guarded train." According to Rockstar, those two other Opportunities will arrive "in the weeks ahead" — we'll keep an eye out for more news on this. Rockstar also confirmed that PlayStation players will be able to play Red Dead Online without a PS Plus subscription, between July 13th and July 26th.

How are you finding Red Dead Online: Blood Money so far? Tell us all about it in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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