PlayStation Studios Spotlight: Guerrilla Games

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

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Guerrilla Games overview

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Guerrilla is a Dutch studio that was bought by Sony in 2005 following the success of Killzone. From that point, it became a Killzone machine, pumping out Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 on PS3 as well as a PSP game called Liberation. The PS4 era kicked off with the underrated Killzone: Shadow Fall that really highlighted a new era of graphics. We here at TT cannot forget to mention the outstanding PS Vita game Killzone: Mercenary that is arguably one of the best handheld games ever made, developed by subsidiary, Guerrilla Cambridge. Its new franchise is the Horizon series that started on PS4 with Zero Dawn, and a sequel is being developed called Forbidden West. The team is also incredibly involved in the tech side of PlayStation Studios with the in-house Decima engine, as well as development outreach. Guerrilla worked with Kojima on Death Stranding and it would seem it also helped get Housemarque up and running with Returnal.

Guerrilla's previous project(s): Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) / Horizon Frozen Wilds (2017)

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A really strong outing for Guerrilla's debut third-person open-world game where you fight big robot dinosaurs in a post-post-apocalyptic world. It holds an impressive 89 on Metacritic and drew praise for its world-building, story, stunning visuals, and free-flowing combat. The game is regarded as an essential PS4 title by us here at TT, and indeed by many others.

Guerrilla's current project: Horizon Forbidden West


Forbidden West looks like another scorcher. official word has come from Guerrilla, the game will be released on February 18th 2022. See our breakdown of the gameplay trailer for a proper look at what is making the game tick. The preorder situation is an absolute mess, though.

Guerrilla in 2021


Guerrilla has been quietly trucking along on Horizon Forbidden West. Outside of the sequel, things have been slow. The closest we have come to interesting industry news was the hiring of talented devs from the first-person shooter scene back in 2019. This suggests a potential tactical shooter is in the pipeline after Horizon, returning the studio back to its Killzone roots for a project. Perhaps a re-emergence of that IP is in the works?

Where does Guerrilla rank?

Guerrilla had an immense impact during the PS4 generation. The team made a solid PS4 launch game in Killzone: Shadow Fall, a superb new open-world IP in the Horizon franchise (something totally out of its FPS wheelhouse), and helped Kojima get Death Stranding off the ground by advising the auteur on the Decima engine. Now, Guerrilla is ready to launch one of the biggest PlayStation exclusives of 2021/2022 in Horizon Forbidden West. The studio even produced Hermen Hulst, who is now the Head of PlayStation Studios. Guerrilla has undoubtedly become an essential cog in the operations of PlayStation. If it can hit it out of the park with Forbidden West, then expect the Dutch studio to cement itself alongside the top flight of PlayStation first-party teams.


Great games already notched for the studio and primed to make more

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