Introducing Jake Jump, a new TT community event starting next week

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
Hello! To help with the recovery from Bean Dive 2021, we have an all-new community event called Jake Jump. Getting your percentages back up has never been so much fun!

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What is Jake Jump?

Over on TA, a chum named Clever Jake helped us come up with a new event. Jake Jump is a simple score contest that requires you to delve into the back catalogue and begin popping trophies from uncompleted lists. The longer it's been since you popped a trophy in the game, the more points you get. For Jake Jump scoring, trophies have a base value of one point, with an additional point for every year since you last popped a trophy. So, anything you have been playing or have started to play this year is worth a singular point, but the further back you reach, the more points you will come out with. For example, let's say you finally go back to play one of the most underrated racers of all time, 2010's Split/Second: Velocity, having not played since launch. So, you go back to that part-finished list and you finally — finally! — get the Beat the Team II: The Revenge trophy. First of all, you are filth. That trophy sucks, so pat yourself on the back. Secondly, congratulations! You have earned a humongous 12 Jake Jump points! That Clever Jake is jumping for joy, all right. Any further trophies you unlock would be worth one point, however, as the last trophy would now have been from this year. Make sense? Cool.

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This should help you lot get into your back catalogues, rediscovering games you left in the past, and getting your completion percentages back up to where they should be. There are plenty of great titles to download across the PS3, PS4, PS5, and the trusty Vita. If you want to go back to PS3, just remember that PlayStation Now is a thing and there is normally a free month if you haven't used the service before. Now you don't have to be using that XMB with a dusty Sixaxis and a plane engine console — you can just stream the games. Please, though, make sure that you are online while you compete in Jake Jump. The timestamps are essential for us to be able to verify the time between your trophies and give you those points.

Is there a Community Challenge/badge?

You betcha, sunshine! Getting a trophy in literally any game will confirm to us that you are participating. If you manage 40 points in total, cheeky little devil, you will earn the Community Challenge completion and badge. Keep going beyond 40, though, to see how far you can creep the leaderboards and recover your average percentage from the Bean Dive!

When does it begin?

Jake Jump begins the moment the Bean Dive 2021 ends, on July 12th at midday UTC — that's 5am PT/8am ET/1pm BST/2pm CET. The contest will be running for three weeks, shuttering on August 2nd at the same time as it opened.

How do I join in?

The Jake Jump Hub, baby! There, you can hit the 'Register now' button, and off you trot! Registration is ready to go ahead of the official start time. If you rock up late, don't worry — registration will remain open for the entirety of the event and will close on August 2nd.

That was our comprehensive guide to Jake Jump! If you want additional information, feel free to peruse the handy Jake Jump FAQ. If you come out unsatiated, get into the comments and ask for help. We are normally in there just waiting to help!

We here at the TT cannot wait to see how this plays out, so giving us feedback and suggestions will help us improve and develop our events. Most of all, though, enjoy!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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