Keep Up With TrueTrophies on the Google News App

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
Keeping up with the PlayStation news can be hard. Luckily, to help absolve yourself of this duty, TrueTrophies can now be added to the Google News app as a favourite source on Apple and Android devices. Let us get you up and running.

What is Google News?

Google News is a smart news aggregator that can learn what topics and sources you would like to be in a news roundup. With all of this cleverness, Google News can send you notifications if a website posts something new or give you a daily briefing. If you can think of a topic — PlayStation, for example — or a specific site you like — such as TrueTrophies — then it can be added as a direct source making it easier for you to get your fix TT goodness. If you are signed in to a Google account, then the app is good to go. Download the app from Google Play for Android or the iTunes Store.

Keep Up With TrueAchievements on the Google News App

How Do I Add TrueTrophies As A Source?

The first step is opening up the Google news app on your phone that you have just downloaded. We have highlighted it in red so you know exactly what to look for!

finding the app

Hit the search icon in the top left and type TrueTrophies.


You should be able to see our News Source icon, so now just press the star button drop us into your favourite sources. If the star is filled in, that means you've added us.


If everything has gone swimmingly, then we will appear in your "For You" queue. Clicking the search button at the top and searching for TrueTrophies will now send you straight to us for all the fabulous content we write.

How Do I Control What News Stories I See?

Google News is constantly adapting to what kind of stuff you are looking at — even those pictures of cute baby gorillas you love — and then adjusting your feed to show you a range of non-gaming topics. If you are fed up with seeing a topic or a source — maybe you like baby flamingos instead — then hit the three dots next to the offending article and select hide stories from that source forever, or thumb down the topic with "Fewer stories like this" on Android. Google will work out what's going on in no time and ensure you are only indulging in the best-of-the-best content.

Keep Up With TrueAchievements on the Google News App

On Android, you are able to pop the TrueTrophies Google News page on your home screen, share us as a source to other Google users, or enable push notifications for fresh TrueTrophies content. On Apple, you are able to add TrueTrophies directly to Siri.

tt tab right

As a growing site, full of naive but (mostly) good-natured hopes and aspirations, we would love you to stay with us. Engaging with us on Google like this will help us do exactly that, enabling us to create better content for you and help grow our vibrant community. We can't wait to keep talking PlayStation with you in the forums, comments sections, and articles!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Editor Kes is our resident expert in PlayStation and other gaming news. He writes about exclusives like The Last of Us and God of War, PS Plus news, and his favourite games — The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, and explosive racers — before an evening swim.
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