Among Us could launch on August 31st on PlayStation

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
The universally loved Among Us might be released on PlayStation on August 31st, if a database scan from PlayStationSize is accurate.

The smash-hit (your friend around the head and pretend it wasn't you) game was picked up by the reliable PlayStation Size scanners. These essentially trawl the PlayStation Store database for information and occasionally pick up interesting release dates, file sizes, and in some cases, Demon's Souls remake PS4 files.

Among Us showing up on the store isn't particularly special, but the attached release date of August 31st is new information. As the tweet warns, though, the store has been known to put up placeholder dates that are close to the end of a month or at the end of the year in lieu of having a real date to show. This could be one of those cases, especially because the 31st falls on a Saturday, which is an unusual time for a release. Nevertheless, the scan still indicates the game is nearly ready to go.

Will you be making fools of your innocent friends when the game finally releases? Or has the time passed? Let us know in the comments!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Editor Kes is our resident expert in PlayStation and other gaming news. He writes about exclusives like The Last of Us and Horizon, PS Plus news, and his favourite games — The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, and God of War — before an evening swim.
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