PlayStation Gameplay Chart: PS5 availability looks to be on the rise again

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
While the normal games dominate the top of the field — looking at you Warzone, Cold War, GTA 5, and Fortnite — there are resurgences afoot at the lower end of the chart, and E3 announcements have boosted games like Battlefield 4, Marvel's Avengers, and Borderlands 3. Here is the top 40 PlayStation Gameplay Chart for the week ending June 27th, 2021.

PositionGamePublisherLast week
1 iconCall of Duty: Modern WarfareActivision1
2 iconCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarActivision2
3 iconFortniteEpic Games3
4 iconFIFA 21Electronic Arts4
5 iconGrand Theft Auto VRockstar6
6 iconRocket LeaguePsyonix7
7 iconApex LegendsElectronic Arts8
8 iconMinecraftMojang Studios9
9 iconRatchet & Clank: Rift ApartSony Interactive Entertainment5
10 iconDestiny 2Activision12
11 iconGenshin ImpactmiHoYo13
12 iconFinal Fantasy VII RemakeSquare Enix10
13 iconBattlefield VElectronic Arts11
14 iconOverwatch: Origins EditionBlizzard Entertainment17
15 iconTom Clancy's Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft14
16 iconDead by Daylight 1/2505 Games15
17 iconFall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutDevolver Digital18
18 iconAssassin's Creed ValhallaUbisoft16
19 iconNBA 2K212K Sports19
20 iconRed Dead Redemption 2Rockstar20
21 iconMass Effect: Legendary EditionElectronic Arts21
22 iconGhost of TsushimaSony Interactive Entertainment23
23 iconResident Evil VillageCapcom Entertainment22
24 iconDays GoneSony Interactive Entertainment24
25 iconBattlefield 4Electronic Arts31
26 iconHorizon Zero DawnSony Interactive Entertainment25
27 iconFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornSquare Enix28
28 iconThe Last of Us Part IISony Interactive Entertainment30
29 iconMortal Kombat 11Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment29
30 iconBorderlands 32K GamesRE
31 iconMarvel's Spider-Man: Miles MoralesSony Interactive Entertainment40
32 iconCyberpunk 2077CD ProjektRE
33 iconAstro's PlayroomSony Interactive Entertainment37
34 iconVirtua Fighter 5: Ultimate ShowdownSEGA27
35 iconGran Turismo SportSony Computer Entertainment35
36 iconStar Wars: SquadronsElectronic Arts26
37 iconMarvel's AvengersSquare EnixRE
38 iconMarvel's Spider-ManSony Interactive Entertainment39
39 iconBrawlhallaBlue Mammoth Games34
40 iconWarframeDigital Extremes38
Chart compiled using gameplay data from over 564,000 active PlayStation accounts. Chart information is copyright TrueGaming Network.
As is Gameplay Chart tradition, the several games that are always at the top of the chart have consolidated their power this week. Let's get them out of the way: Warzone (1), Cold War (2), Fortnite (3), FIFA 21 (4), GTA 5 (5), Rocket League (6), Apex Legends (7), Minecraft (8), and Destiny 2 (10). Games have only moved upwards with the slight drop-off from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (more on that later). The constant content drops for these games have kept them in rotation for spots, but this week all is quiet. Only FIFA 21 is keeping the flow going with beastly Euros-related content. More cards that will slowly upgrade as teams progress keep that little hook in you and there are some fabulous SBC challenges that actually offer good returns. Shoutout to the FOF Path to Glory Ante Rebic card that makes life very easy on the virtual pitch — less so in real life, as Croatia look a bit rubbish. Just outside the top ten, Genshin Impact at 11th and Battlefield V at 13th have maintained player retention, although Battlefield is certainly slipping a little bit.

The most interesting aspect of the last week has been the resurgent games that have been boosted by E3 announcements. Battlefield 4 rests at 25th, having pushed up the table by a further six places from last week. The 2013 shooter has around half the player count of BFV, which is frankly remarkable for a game of its age without the PS+ free monthly game boost. The rise of BF4 suggests that hype for the newly announced 2042 is through the roof, and it certainly is here at TT — two of us had it as our best game of E3. EA has played the fiddle well for Battlefield this year. Releasing BFV for free to drum up hype, then having a great gameplay showing at E3, and now the returning players getting server assistance, which really speaks to the effort of the company. On a personal note, I cannot believe BF4 was out eight years ago, that makes me feel ancient...

Two other games have pulled on the E3 magic, namely Borderlands 3 (30) and Avengers (37). Both re-enter the list at the lower end rocking around 50% per cent of their PS4 player count on PS5. Borderlands 3 is coming off the back of the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands announcement, a D&D-inspired spin-off from the mainline series. Avengers, meanwhile, had a roadmap announcement, War for Wakanda trailer, and a Cosmic Cube event (heads-up, a couple of those are TrueAchievements links). The game was also a big hit on PS Now which might have helped raise the number a little bit. However, the number of players is significantly lower than any live service game in the top 15. Unless Avengers can stick it out and maintain a decent player count, it will be hard for Square Enix to really mark it down as a success.

The other down-and-out that returns to the list is Cyberpunk 2077. Mired in controversy from the moment it launched, the game is back up on the PlayStation Store after a six-month hiatus. Just don't play it on a base PS4, yeah? Though players who already owned a copy might be back playing after the patches, the re-entry to the table suggests that new players are still eager to see what is exactly is going on in the game. The player count is certainly substantial for a game with all that negativity surrounding it. You have to imagine that Square Enix's Avengers team must be jealously looking over at CD Projekt wondering just how it made it a success. Most of us around the TT hut are waiting for the next-gen edition of Cyberpunk 2077, coming later this year (supposedly).

There are some other quick updates, too! Naturally, Rift Apart is doing absolute bits on PS5. It is the number one PS5 game amongst the gamers tracked, even after its slip from fifth to ninth. The game is short with little replay value for trophy hunters (or normies), so expect a swift slide away from the top ten. Its partner in crime, Ratchet & Clank 2016, has tumbled out of the top 40 and resides in 44th. Miles Morales has come out swinging with a nine place rise to 31st. Because the Miles Morales boost coincides with Astro's Playroom jumping up four spaces to 33rd, this probably signals another boost in PS5 stock. The PS5 pack-in and the PS5 bundle-in are always a good rough metric for what is going on with the stock, so continue searching, friends!

That's your lot for this week. Normally there would be mention of the PlayStation exclusives and the PS Plus games, but they have either held ground or slipped as expected. Is there anything sticking out to you that we can add to the article? Let us know in the comments!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Editor Kes is our resident expert in PlayStation and Sony news. He writes about PS5 exclusives like Horizon, The Last of Us, God of War, and Death Stranding 2 using experience from years of playing PlayStation games. He also covers PS Plus and trophy news, as well as his favorite games — The Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed, and some indie gems — before an evening swim.
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