EA to revive "established IP" next month - report [updated]

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
Two further sources have corroborated the original statements made by Gamebeat's Jeff Grubb. Eurogamer suggested that the statements made were aligned with their information. Likewise, Gematsu "heard that a Dead Space revival is in the works at Motive, which is said to be a reimagining rather than a sequel to the existing trilogy."

The second aspect of the Gematsu quote is fresh information. Grubb never qualified if the revival was to be a reimagining or a sequel, but it appears as though we are now getting Dead Space with a fresh face.

Original Story:
Apparently, during EA Play Live next month, a new game based on an established IP will be unveiled. Rumours are placing it as Dead Space, though all reports are as of yet unconfirmed.

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The industry insider and GamesBeat journalist Jeff Gubb previously stated that the EA-owned studio Motive was developing an unannounced game about an established IP that was a "big deal." Though, Grubb didn't reveal exactly what the IP was or the nature of the new game. In a follow up to this news, Grubb was taking part in a live stream last week (this came to us via VGC) when he was asked what would be going on at next months EA Play.

"I don't know everything, but I do know one thing: it's that one. It's the one, and we're gonna see it… if we're not dead first. I'll have to ask and see if I could really start teasing that one," Grubb followed up. "I know there's someone on ResetEra who has been teasing it a lot, so I feel like it's probably close enough that I could start saying, but it's going to be exciting, I think. It's gonna be exciting. We'll talk about it more here pretty soon."

Grubb's use of "if we're not dead first" has left some internet folk believing that the journalist is referring to Dead Space. The sci-fi horror-turned-action series has been dormant since 2013, when Dead Space 3 launched without the fervour of the previous two entries. That being said, EA is essentially bathing in unused IP and appears to be using the Burnout franchise as petrol-scented soap to clean its nethers. Waiting for an announcement is probably a good idea before the hype gets too insane, as the EA Play Live event is on July 22nd.

Let us know what IP you would welcome back! What IP would make the best washing item? I really think that the sports franchises would make for a good cheap sea-foam smelling body wash.
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