PlayStation Gameplay Chart: R&C Rift Apart has gone down a blackhole storm with gamers

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
PS5's big exclusive Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart has pixelized, sprinkled, and ricocheted into the games catalogue of players after its first full week on the market. Final Fantasy VII: Remake is still holding strong, while a re-entry for Astro's PlayRoom suggests that Sony provided a boost in PS5 stock for the release of Rift Apart. Here is the top 40 PlayStation Gameplay Chart for the week ending June 20th, 2021.

PositionGamePublisherLast week
1 iconCall of Duty: Modern WarfareActivision1
2 iconCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarActivision4
3 iconFortniteEpic Games2
4 iconFIFA 21Electronic Arts6
5 iconRatchet & Clank: Rift ApartSony Interactive Entertainment10
6 iconGrand Theft Auto VRockstar5
7 iconRocket LeaguePsyonix8
8 iconApex LegendsElectronic Arts9
9 iconMinecraftMojang Studios7
10 iconFinal Fantasy VII RemakeSquare Enix3
11 iconBattlefield VElectronic Arts11
12 iconDestiny 2Activision12
13 iconGenshin ImpactmiHoYo13
14 iconTom Clancy's Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft21
15 iconDead by Daylight 1/2505 Games23
16 iconAssassin's Creed ValhallaUbisoft20
17 iconOverwatch: Origins EditionBlizzard Entertainment14
18 iconFall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutDevolver Digital19
19 iconNBA 2K212K Sports22
20 iconRed Dead Redemption 2Rockstar24
21 iconMass Effect: Legendary EditionElectronic Arts18
22 iconResident Evil VillageCapcom Entertainment16
23 iconGhost of TsushimaSony Interactive Entertainment27
24 iconDays GoneSony Interactive Entertainment26
25 iconHorizon Zero DawnSony Interactive Entertainment25
26 iconStar Wars: SquadronsElectronic Arts17
27 iconVirtua Fighter 5: Final ShowdownSEGA15
28 iconFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornSquare Enix30
29 iconMortal Kombat 11Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment28
30 iconThe Last of Us Part IISony Interactive Entertainment29
31 iconBattlefield 4Electronic Arts-
32 iconRatchet & ClankSony Computer Entertainment32
33 iconStar Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderElectronic Arts31
34 iconBrawlhallaBlue Mammoth GamesRE
35 iconGran Turismo SportSony Computer Entertainment36
36 iconReturnalSony Interactive Entertainment33
37 iconAstro's PlayroomSony Interactive EntertainmentRE
38 iconWarframeDigital Extremes37
39 iconMarvel's Spider-ManSony Interactive Entertainment35
40 iconMarvel's Spider-Man: Miles MoralesSony Interactive Entertainment34
Chart compiled using gameplay data from over 568,000 active PlayStation accounts. Chart information is copyright TrueGaming Network.
As always with the Gameplay Chart, let's start with the games that dominate week-on-week so we can move onto the real meat (or Quorn/tofu/stuffed pepper) of the dish: Warzone (1), Cold War (2), Fortnite (3), FIFA 21 (4), GTA V (6), Rocket League (7), Apex Legends (8), and Minecraft (9). Of these games, the ones offering up new content for players have seen a sharp bounce in player count. FIFA 21 bounced two places thanks to the Euros, with a small amount of added cards thrown into the game to help keep players in the loop. Rocket League might have received a 'football' related boost, but in reality, it was probably the new Fast and Furious pack of cars which you can see over at our sister/dark shadow site TrueAchievements. Having now spent nine consecutive weeks either in or around the top ten, Battlefield V remaining at 11th makes it feel as though it has earned a position amongst the throng of games that make up the Boring-Central-Station-games each and every week. Knocking on the door, as always, are Destiny 2 (12) and Genshin Impact (13), who never get credit for maintaining dedicated player bases. Credit awarded.

Exciting news! PS5's Rift Apart debuted on the list at 10th, and Final Fantasy VII: Remake (with the Intergrade PS5 upgrade and the Yuffie DLC) re-entered the chart at 3rd. This week the two have swapped spots, with Rift Apart reaching 5th and FF7 at 10th. Both games mark a real swing towards PS5 gaming, too. Rift Apart is obviously PS5 exclusive, so every gamer we tracked is a PS5 owner. However, FF7 has roughly 20% extra PS5 players than on PS4, despite the fact the game was free on PS Plus for last-gen. Cold War splits the two in terms of the most PS5 gamers, with a third more of gamers playing on last-gen. Compared to previous weeks, this is quite outstanding news for the prevalency of next-gen and suggests that the PS5 ball has really begun moving again. Rift Apart was awarded high praise from Editor Luke in his review, where he said that "it's the game your PS5 was born to play." We also have an R&C Compendium on the site, full of awards, stats, and more on the series. The PS5 pack-in, Astro's Playroom, has re-entered the chart suggesting that there is some kind of availability of the console for the release of Rift Apart. We would recommend checking with your local retailers in person, as the world wide web is going to be packed with prospective buyers. Particularly if you live in a smaller town, as incidentally, that is how this writer managed to grab one. Shops receive allocated stock boosts at pertinent times like the release of a big game. Sleepy towns have sleepy gamers, so get ahead of them now!

Outside of the biggest games-as-a-service titles that operate out of Boring Central are Rainbox Six Seige (14), Dead By Daylight (15), and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (16). RB6 has received its free North Star update that adds new operators and a favela map rework. Dead by Daylight has a Resident Evil crossover event that is live right now: a full breakdown is available on PC Gamer. In Valhalla, Mastery Challenges were unlocked with the latest patch. The update also tweaked the mundane River Raids and helped position the game before the Siege of Paris DLC. The fact all three received boosts into the teens suggests that they have latent player bases who essentially take a little peek through the letterbox every time there is an update, before scurrying away about a week or two after the update goes live. Expect Dead by Daylight and Vahalla back in the twenties next week.

Across the rest of the list, Battlefield 4's community has resurfaced at 31st after the reveal of the next game in the series called Battlefield 2042. PlayStation exclusives have remained fairly stagnant: Ghost of Tsushima (23), Days Gone (24), Horizon Zero Dawn (25), Last of Us: Part II (30), Ratchet & Clank 2016 (32), GT Sport (35), and Returnal (36). It is actually quite impressive how much real estate these games take up on the list and suggests that gamers always have an exclusive ready to go in the background while they play something alongside it. The Insomniac Spiderman games are at the bottom of the list, though there is something to say here. With the release of Rift Apart, Miles Morales is put in a curious place. It used to be the game players picked up alongside the console which enabled us to track increases in PS5 stock alongside Astro's Playroom. Now, however, Rift Apart might take that role of the first PS5 game, especially with the Rift Apart bundle in deals in France that might be making their way elsewhere. Frankly, we are unsure where Mile Morales is going to fit into the post-R&C ecosystem; so we will keep an eye out for you!

If you made it to the end, leave a little comment, and I'll be sure to have a discussion with you! Write about thoughts on the chart, hot-takes, or maybe your favourite flavour of ice cream? Lemon sorbet has been really killing it for me recently...
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Editor Kes is our resident expert in PlayStation and Sony news. He writes about PS5 games like LEGO Horizon Adventures, Assassin’s Creed Shadows, Kingdom Come Deliverance II, Concord, and Death Stranding 2 using experience from years of PlayStation gaming. He also covers PS Plus news, as well as his favorite games — The Witcher 3, God of War, and The Last of Us — before an evening swim.
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