Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance trophy list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Trophy list.

There are 49 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Name Description
Conqueror of the Shard Unlock all other Trophies icon
Warden of the Dale Reach Level 10 with Drizzt icon
Dual Wielding Mastery Acquire all of Drizzt's Moves icon
Master of the Melee Magthere Acquire all of Drizzt's Feats icon
Dale Commander Reach Level 10 with Catti-Brie icon
Master of the Bow Acquire all of Catti-brie's Moves icon
Master Archer Acquire all of Catti-brie's Feats icon
King of the Valley Reach Level 10 with Bruenor icon
Master of Axe and Shield Acquire all of Bruenor's Moves icon
Shield Dwarf Mastery Acquire all of Bruenor's Feats icon
Chief of Chiefs Reach Level 10 with Wulfgar icon
Hammermaster Acquire all of Wulfgar's Moves icon
Reghed Mastery Acquire all of Wulfgar's Feats icon
It's All About Timing Perform 500 parries icon
Stick and Move Perform 300 Evades icon
Bearing the Brunt Block 150 Attacks icon
Unleashing Your Power Perform 100 Ultimates icon
Gear Up Equip first item of any rarity icon
It's a Rare Thing Equip first Legendary item icon
Check Me Out Have Legendary items equipped in all equipment slots icon
All Dressed Up Equip 8 pieces of the same Gear Set icon
Blood in the Snow Defeat 2000 monsters icon
Taking Names Defeat 300 Elite monsters icon
Goblinbane Defeat every goblin archetype in its Elite form icon
Shield Breaker Defeat every duergar archetype in its Elite form icon
Wasted Lives Defeat every wraith archetype in its Elite form icon
Trollslayer Defeat every troll archetype in its Elite form icon
Saving Face Defeat every verbeeg archetype in its Elite form icon
Thin the Pack Defeat every gnoll archetype in its Elite form icon
The Hearts of Crenshinibon Defeat every cultist archetype in its Elite form icon
A Message to Stygia Defeat an elite Stygian Charger icon
Fancy Duds Equip all appearance-changing Skins for any hero icon
Combat Coordinator Perform 50 Team Attacks icon
Dreaming the Dream Defeat Hagedorn the Beholder icon
Giants, Beholders, and Dragons - Oh my. Complete all Dungeons icon
I'll Do It Myself Perform a 50-hit combo by yourself icon
Combo Carousel Perform a 200-hit combo icon
Now It Makes Sense Collect all Lore Objects icon
Commerce Calls Collect 100000 gold icon
Pedestrians of the Hall Complete 5 missions with other players icon
Group Healer Perform 25 revives actions on allies icon
Striketeam of the Hall Complete a co-op mission with 4 players at difficulty 3 or higher without anyone dying icon
Companions of the Hall Complete a Mission at difficulty 4 or higher without anyone dying icon
Giants of the Past Defeat the Spirit of Kelvin icon
Great White Defeat Icewind, Queen of Storms icon
Hidden Gems Loot 200 chests icon
Erudite Upgrade all Usable Recipes icon
Champion of the Dale Defeat seven threats to Icewind Dale icon
Sending a Message Defeat 75 enemies in a single Mission icon
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is developed by Tuque Games and published by Wizards of the Coast, and is scheduled to be released on 22 June 2021.
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