PS5 exclusive Returnal gets meaty 1.4.0 patch to fix trophies

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
Housemarque's PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal is getting a 5.6GB patch to help iron out a few long-standing issues.

Over on Housemarque's website, the patch notes for the update are listed and the patch is ready to download now on PS5. Shall we start with the most pertinent to you lot?

The Platinum run has been made easier by adding locations for the awkward RNG-based audio logs, the very unreliable activity cards in the PS5 UI, and a few missable trophies.

  • Added support for replaying certain Act 1 & Act 2 Trophies
  • Added support to retroactively award Trophies which cannot be replayed
  • Added additional locations for Scout Logs 9, 34, 35 & 46 to appear more often
  • Fixed an issue where 1 Cipher was sometimes unobtainable for Biome Survey Trophies
  • Fixed an issue where some Activity Cards displayed an incorrect count
Bosses are now replayable, then, and the game will reward you retroactively with trophies missed. The other major improvements are to the DualSense haptics during cutscenes, the auditory experience, and the game balance. Definitely check out those patch notes to see if your favourite niggling issue has been solved!

Thoughts on Returnal? Will you now try the Platinum run because the audio logs are easier? Let us know, my fine folk!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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