Evil Dead: The Game slays demons in Summer Game Fest reveal

By Tom West,
Evil Dead: The Game was shown off during its Summer Game Fest reveal, giving us a closer look at the demon destroying gameplay while Ash himself gives us the lowdown.

The Necronomicon has unleashed the forces of darkness onto the world and it’s up to Ash Williams — or one of the other imaginative characters — to shove them back in by any means necessary. We got to see plenty of gameplay from the reveal at Summer Games Fest yesterday, with none other than Bruce Campbell himself taking us through it and showing off everyone’s groovy moves. Plus, if you want to be a “dick,” the Kandarian Demon is a playable character. There's no doubt that Evil Dead: The Game looks hell-bent on bringing the action, whether you're saving the world or being a Kandarian son of a bitch. ,

The game features four-player co-op that tasks you with exploring and finding key items to seal the breach between worlds, while managing your fear levels as you bear arms against the dark forces inspired by the three original Evil Dead movies and the Ash vs Evil Dead series.

Evil Dead: The Game is launching later this year, so grab your chainsaw and get groovy!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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