Biomutant's latest patch fixes the “Old World Gadgets” trophy

By Heidi Nicholas,
If you've been having trouble with Biomutant's dialogue or narration, good news: the game's latest patch fixes this along with a whole load of other issues, and sorts out the "Old World Gadgets" trophy for good measure.


Patch 1.4 seeks to improve the experience in Biomutant's tutorial area with more enemy encounters and shorter dialogue, while the options for narration let you reduce "the amount of gibberish spoken before the Narrator starts translating." If you were finding Biomutant a little too easy, there's also now a new Extreme difficulty setting which bumps up damage of enemies. If you're already thinking ahead to your New Game+ you'll also find that you will now be able to unlock all class perks.

Biomutant (PS4)Old World GadgetsThe Old World Gadgets trophy in Biomutant (PS4) worth 168 pointsDiscover all 15 Old World Gadgets

For any players who were having trouble with the "Old World Gadgets" trophy, you should now find it unlocking correctly once you've collected all 15 Old World Gadgets. The patch also sorts out the issue which stopped the "Back to the Roots" quest from completing properly, and brings a whole load of fixes for issues with the world, UI, crashing problems, and more — check out the full list in the patch notes.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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