No Man's Sky gets free Prisms update with new visual features

By Heidi Nicholas,
The free Prisms update arrives today for No Man's Sky, promising to "dramatically refresh the No Man’s Sky experience" with new visual improvements.

"Whether in the depths of space, on synthetic structures or on organic planetary life, everywhere you look there are now stunning details like reflections on your spacecraft, more detailed caves, enhanced lighting in space stations, realistic water and weather effects, and even more variety with fur on creatures and pets," says Hello Games founder Sean Murray.

The game's volumetric lighting, warp effects, star effects, rain effects, and torch visuals have all been improved, with the Photo Mode also given a few improvements to its depth of field and "bloom controls." The caves have been "completely reworked" for a more detailed look, as has the Space Station hanger. Murray adds that PS5 players will see a "dramatic increase in planetary detail." On top of this, you have more options for companions, with the range of potential adoptable creatures "hugely increased to encompass virtually every lifeform you encounter" — including flying creatures like giant beetles, meaning you can now zoom around planets on a giant flying insect, if you so choose.

The Prisms update is available for free today, and Murray adds that there are "plenty more surprises" to come. We'll keep you updated.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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