PS+ numbers show huge growth for Sony

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
The number of PlayStation Plus subscribers has been growing exponentially according to the latest, for-once-not-boring, Sony corporate strategy meeting notes.

This page lists the year-on-year growth of PlayStation Plus. Over the 20-21 fiscal year, the subscriber count has gone up by around six million, from 41.5 to 47.6 million gamers. This cements a year-on-year growth of around the same amount aside from a few outliers, like the year 18-19 with a lesser 2.2 million and 15-16 with a much greater increase of around ten million. There has been a "tenfold" growth in subscribers since the launch of PS4 in 2014. Sony's move to enforce PS+ for online play after the free PSN of the PS3 days has not only improved subscriber count, but undoubtedly increased month-on-month income for Sony.

Certainly, the company is very happy with its progress, as the notes detail below the image. PS+ "continued to grow organically rather than through external investment." In essence, PS+ is an absolute money machine. External investment is minimal, so profit margins are high. In the future, I think we can expect that Sony will increase the value of the PS+ Subscription to entice more gamers to use it and thus generate further minimal-investment profit. At current we get three free games a month, access to the PS+ Collection, and Poland recently ran a trial that would offer films made by Sony Entertainment Pictures for free to subscribers. So the educated guess probably gives global PS+ users access to films next.

So, what would you want next out of your PS+ subscription? Another free game perhaps? Speculate down below.
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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