Days of Play sale gives you negligible discounts on PS exclusives [updated]

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
Our community have suggested some interesting bits and bobs in the comments. We just wanted to make sure you know it is still worth poking through the Days of Play sale for PS4 deals, though the PS5 offers might be disappointing!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (50% off at £29.99/€34.99/$NA)

BIG BR1T: "Sekiro is £30, on Amazon it's £37."
KCGauvreau: "Sekiro for half off seems pretty great, but I feel like it might go on sale for cheaper towards black friday/christmas."
Sekiro is a FromSoftware game published by Activision, so think Dark Souls in late 1500s Sengoku Japan and you have a good idea of what's going on. The game holds a very high 90 on Metacritic. The universal praise is for Sekiro's tight combat, environmental design, and the feeling of monumental success for beating a boss. This is the first time the game has been on sale, so it might be a great time to pick it up!

Overcooked (67% off at £16.49/€19.79/$NA)

KCGauvreau: "Overcooked: All You Can Eat is on sale, for anyone interested. WAIT! Sorry for yelling, but as someone who got 100% in the first game and platinumed the second one: the list for that game is rough if you don't have 4 controllers or 3 friends who want to play the game."

Journey to the Savage Planet (60% off at £9.99/€11.99/$NA)

KCGauvreau: "If you are looking for a fun co-op game, Journey to the Savage Planet is a blast. If you like witty humour and SPACE. Half off is the lowest I have seen it."

The Outer Worlds (60% off at £19.99/€23.99/$NA)

KCGauvreau: "And if you haven't bought The Outer Worlds yet, just do it. If you enjoy Fallout to any extent you will enjoy it."
Thanks KC! A great selection of games well-explained. Overcooked is one of the best co-op games around, even if it ends in a divorce/break-up.

The Last of Us: Part 2 (50% off at £23.64/€39.99/$NA)

GreenBunny1: "The game I'm more interested in is the Last of Us: Part II."
We all know about The Last of Us: Part II here, right? Don't let the strangely negative release put you off, even if you don't like every story beat you should play this game. At the very least, you will discover a lot about the story direction that you want video games to take. At the most: congrats, you have a new Top 10 game.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition (75% off at £8.74/€9.99/$NA)

Kes (the guy writing all this): Kingdom Come is janky as all hell, but it is wonderful. The game is a historical sim that takes place in medieval Bohemia. You play as an orphaned Henry, a blacksmith's son. You will have to learn everything: talking good-er, running better, drawing a bow, swinging a sword, making sure your liver can tolerate drink, reading, and I think you get the picture. The game includes the expansion packs that add around 40 hours to a 40-hour game, depending on how caught up in it all you get. The world detail is so fantastic that it pushes your experience in the game into the surreal at times. War Horse Studios deserves your time and the pittance they are charging for entry into Bohemia.

Original Story:
The Days of Play is offering discounts on some big titles like The Last of Us: Part II, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Demon's Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and more... but the discount just isn't that big.
The Last of Us Part II E3 Screens

The games were listed on the PlayStation Blog and are now available at the discounted rate at your nearest digital store. I would recommend looking at our much more comprehensive, excellent, and generally better European and North American lists of the sale, though. We have included a guide that lists not only the prices, but the percentage of discount and the games with those stupid, unattainable trophies.

So, what's good in the sale? Well, last week we hyped up the Days of Play sale for offering up the PS5 exclusive lineup at a discounted rate. We questioned the why, the how, and theorised about keeping the tap open on launch game profits. Yep, that was all waste of time. The discounts for the big games — Sackboy, Miles Morales, Demon Souls — are mostly around 14% off, or around £9/$10/€9 based on the high initial outlay for PS5 games. So, those PS5 launch games are still pretty expensive, wherever you are. Also, when I said 'we' told you it might be a hype sale, I meant I — Kes Eylers-Stephenson. I'm sorry, I take full responsibility for my actions, I really fancy a cinnamon and raisin bagel right now.

There aren't too many worthwhile discounts if I am being honest. If you go to our sale page and sort by the discount percentage, the biggest drops are between 40-70%. However, all those games are digital deluxe editions of titles and are available for cheaper in one form or another. Take, for example, FIFA 21 being sold for £26.99/$24.99/€29.99 at a 70% discount. An EA Play subscription will grant you access to not only FIFA but many other games for one year at 29.99 in most regions. Not exactly the most enticing deal.

So, be fiscally savvy, readers! Let us know in the comments if you find something particularly good and I'll update the story accordingly. Happy shopping!
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