Arkane sheds more light on PlayStation exclusive Deathloop

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,
Arkane Studio's Deathloop has had a blowout piece that details PS5 features as well as the combat and traversal mechanics.
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The article was published on Playstation Blog and describes Deathloop as a "murder mystery with a time travel twist". You will play as Colt, a guy who needs to kill eight targets across four different sectors in one 24-hour period to break a time loop. Meanwhile, a quirky rival assassin called Julianna is trying to stop that event from happening by ending your life. She can be controlled by another online player, make the gameplay all the more organically varied and competitive.

The blowout also establishes the building blocks upon which process for creating Deathloop was founded. "The original concept, created while Arkane was working with MachineGames on 2019’s Wolfenstein: Youngblood, would offer a diverse tool set, player freedom to experiment, and an architecturally coherent, intricate world to explore." This design philosophy explains a few components of the game world. You will need pause and "eavesdrop on important conversation" to pick up tips about the world, suggesting Arkane has put a lot of work into a dynamic and detailed enemy AI. In addition, each district appears to have been designed around allowing for vertical exploration and combat to help make the most out of some of your powers. These powers, called Slabs in Deathloop's world, include one called Kinesis — allowing you to lift enemies from the ground and toss them around a bit — and a neat looking dash. The game will alter over the course of a loop to reveal secrets and solutions to nailing a particular assassination at specific windows. To keep the pace of the game high, you will be able to switch between times of the day to help you perfectly time a run. Sounds eerily similar to tight-knit world events of The Outer Wilds. Though, considering Arkane is the developer behind the Dishonored series, tightly-woven game worlds and neat gameplay are already in the team's wheelhouse.

Now comes the gunplay. The article includes several GIFS, but one shows off the mad traversal during gunplay. There will be "traditional weaponry (that’s customisable) and unique powers, [that] need to be recovered as you explore the island." The article also suggests Deathloop has a roguelike element. "Two loopholes make your death less severe. One will allow you to carry over certain things between loops. The second [is] Reprises [that] give you three chances per loop to continue, and by finding your previous downed self you recover all items." If there is a good balance between risk and reward, then this could shape up to have that perfect more-ish feeling of progression that the best roguelikes have.

Some details about the PS5 features were specified as well. DualSense features will be used extensively according to creative director Dinga Bakaba. “You mentioned the trigger locking to represent your gun jamming. But when you’re out of ammo, the trigger effect will disappear. Even before your brain registers it, the animation, the click-click sound, you’ll know you’re out.” Sounds very cool. The DualSense gun effects in Cold War were a neat feature of the campaign but were a disadvantage during multiplayer because your fingers were being shaken all around the gaff. With Deathloop's more level playing field, the feeling could help with player with immersion and subconscious reaction time. The second PS5 takeaway is that converging the multiplayer and complex NPC systems might have caused trouble on previous hardware. About Arkane's use of the extra power of PS5's CPU, art director Sebastien Mitton stated in the article that “it gave [the devs] oxygen."

The article contains some gameplay GIFS and extra details about Deathloop, which is set to launch later this year. The game is notable not only because it looks wicked, but because it the first PlayStation exclusive game to be released to a Sony platform by a Microsoft-owned Bethesda. Times are a-looping.

Is Deathloop on your bucket list? Have you played any of Arkane Studios' other games? Talk all about it down below!
Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
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