Square Enix is about to make a fortune selling pretend space whales

By Luke Albigés,
Final Fantasy XIV's FanFest 2021 event kicks off today, and Eorzean adventurers can celebrate by heading to the online store to pick up the massive Lunar Whale — the game's first eight-person mount. A big lad like this doesn't come cheap, mind, ringing up at £28/€33/$42, albeit currently with 15% off those prices.

This isn't the first time Square Enix has weaponised irony by having FFXIV's biggest spenders shell out for an actual in-game whale, with the Indigo Whale mount arriving a few years back. As one of the game's first multi-seat mounts, the whale proved pretty popular, although it has since been power-crept with the addition of four-seater mounts. And now, there's an even bigger whale in town (spoilers: it's actually the same size) that can carry four times as many players — the Lunar Whale is the first and only mount in the game capable of ferrying around a Full Party.

This absolute unit of a mount isn't the only new arrival on the FFXIV Online Store for FanFest 2021, either. There are also three exclusive new Minions — Edge, Rosa, and Rydia from Final Fantasy IV, each around a fiver a pop — and three sets of Orchestrion Rolls featuring tracks from the Scions & Sinners and Pulse albums. FanFest itself will offer two days of streamed live events starting late tonight for us folks in Europe, but we'll be staying up for the possibility of a closer look at the next expansion, Endwalker.

Will you be lining Square Enix's coffers in order to get yourself a Lunar Whale, or any of the other FanFest goodies, for that matter? Let us know in the FC chat below!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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