Hood: Outlaws & Legends gets new launch trailer

By Heidi Nicholas,
Hood: Outlaws & Legends is out today, pitting you against enemy outlaws and the power of The State as you fight to steal its treasure. Check out the game's launch trailer here.

Anyone who preordered Hood: Outlaws & Legends got early access to start playing on May 7th, but today, May 10th, marks the full launch of the game. You build your team with Rangers, Brawlers, Hunters, and Mystics, with the aim of claiming a treasure chest belonging to The State. It's not enough just to find the chest, however — you also need to get it to an extraction point, while trying to keep it out of the clutches of your rival team and The State guards.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sumo's senior technical level designer James Arthur shares a few tips on heist strategy, such as the fact that melee characters can carry the heavy treasure chest faster than ranged characters, and that two people can use the winch to extract the treasure at the same time.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is out now.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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