King of Seas trophy list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the King of Seas Trophy list.

There are 30 trophies, none of which are hidden.

King of Seas

Name Description
King of Kings Unlock all the trophies icon
King of Gold Earn 500 000 gold coins icon
This is the life for me Complete the game once icon
Easy as pie Complete the game in Ship's boy difficulty icon
Aye aye, Sir! Complete the game in Gunner difficulty icon
Caribbean seadog Complete the game in Captain difficulty icon
Corsair of the fleet Complete the game in Corsair difficulty icon
King of Seas Complete the game in King of Seas difficulty icon
We're all in the same boat Complete 30 side quests icon
King of role-playing Reach maximum level icon
Shiver me timbers! Find 5 sunken treasures icon
In the hold! Find 10 sunken treasures icon
King of treasures Find 30 sunken treasures icon
King of lands Complete the world's map for the first time icon
I'm far from done killing Sink 10 ships icon
Blow the men down! Sink 50 ships icon
Scourge of the seas Sink 100 ships icon
I am the Legend Sink every Sovereign Pirate icon
Matey! Conquer 5 enemy settlements icon
That's how it's done! Conquer 10 enemy settlements icon
Ah, clear sailing now Conquer 30 enemy settlements icon
For my hearties Boost completely a settlement icon
Monkey jacket Earn 1000 gold coins from trade icon
Gold for my chest Earn 10 000 gold coins from trade icon
King of commerce Earn 100 000 gold coins from trade icon
It' time to loot Commerce every kind of resource for the first time icon
Calm waters Fish successfully 10 times icon
Now swab that boat! Fish successfully 30 times icon
And a bunch of cuttlefish for me! Fish successfully 50 times icon
King of Fishing Find every kind of fish for the first time icon
King of Seas is developed by and published by Team17 Software, and is scheduled to be released on 25 May 2021.
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