Destruction AllStars to get new character, AllStar Pass, and more with Season 1

By Heidi Nicholas,
Season 1 of Destruction AllStars, titled Hotshots, arrives next week on May 5th, bringing a new character, the AllStar Pass, and more.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Lucid Games community manager George Rule says new AllStar Alba "is a veteran of Destruction AllStars who is returning to the competition after several years away from the event. She’s a fierce competitor hailing from Scotland who brings a clear sense of determination to the arena, along with a high-tech armoured battle suit." Her on-foot ability lets her summon immovable bulwarks out of the ground to either protect herself or sabotage another player. Her hero vehicle is the Claymore, and Rule says it behaves a little differently from other vehicles in that it uses a laser beam to damage opponents in a certain area.

Hotshots also brings with it a new AllStar Pass with 100 tiers and cosmetics to unlock, including Legendary and Heroic skins. You need Season Points to make your way through the AllStar Pass, which can be earned in online matches or in Seasonal or Sponsor challenges. Season challenges function like Daily and Weekly challenges, except they only give you Season Points.

Destruction AllStars will also get a photo mode a few weeks after Hotshots starts. Halfway through Season 1, we'll also get the new Blitz game mode as "an evolution of Mayhem" made up of "short, intense, adrenaline fuelled rounds."

Season 1 launches on May 5th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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