Outriders dev promises to restore items lost to inventory wipe bug with god rolls

By Sean Carey,
Players who lost their items to the inventory wipe bug in Outriders will have their gear restored, but with "god roll" values attached, People Can Fly has confirmed.

Outriders lost all gear xbox bug

A new post on the Outriders subreddit from the developer says that lost items will be restored to players that have "the same attribute combinations but with God Roll values." Restored items will be "at least the same if not better quality than the originally lost items."

"Items will be granted at the character’s highest available equip level taking World Tiers and Challenge Tiers into consideration," People Can Fly continues.

Players have lost tens of hours of progress in the game due to a bug that wiped their entire inventories. Square Enix and People Can Fly say they've resolved that issue, but are yet to restore players' inventories. Unfortunately, a date still hasn't been set for when the inventory restoration will occur.

The Outriders Community Appreciation Package, which promises a bunch of free gear to players impacted by the bug and to those who suffered from connection issues at launch, will still be dished out to players once the inventory restoration process is complete.

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Written by Sean Carey
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