Apex Legends War Games starts today with takeover modes and a new rewards track

By Heidi Nicholas,
Second Chance kicks off the Apex Legends War Games event, which starts today and runs for the next two weeks until April 27th, with takeover modes and a new rewards track.

Respawn says the War Games are the work of Mad Maggie, who introduces them as a "new event featuring a collection of never-before-seen playlist modifiers, a new rewards track, and new challenges." First up in the War Games is the Second Chance mode. Each mode runs for a few days, and Second Chance is available until April 15th. In this mode, each Legend has one free respawn per match. Ultra Zones runs from April 15th to April 19th, and introduces three Hot Zones in each match. These Hot Zones will each be in a Flash Point bubble, which you can use to regain your HP.

In Auto Banners, you don't need to rummage through death boxes to bring back teammates, but can automatically get their Banner Cards back at respawn points. Auto Banners runs from April 19th to April 21st. From April 21st to April 23rd we have Killing Time, which knocks a bit off the round time whenever a Legend is defeated. Armor Regen, the last mode of the War Games event, runs from April 23rd to April 27th, and allows you to recover 12 points of armour per second — but this regeneration only starts eight seconds after you take damage. If your armour is cracked, you need to wait 16 seconds before you can regain health.

The War Games event also brings with it a new rewards track with five Battle Pass levels and earnable cosmetics, including an epic Rampart skin. War Games is due to kick off today, April 13th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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