Mass Effect Legendary Edition trophies have been revamped

By Sean Carey,
Mass Effect Legendary Edition will feature not only a bunch of gameplay changes and improvements over the originals but also a reworked trophy list.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

In a new blog post detailing the changes, EA says, "achievements across the trilogy have been updated" (we're assuming that trophies will undergo the same treatment). Some new trophies have been added, others have been streamlined or removed completely, while some have had "objectives/descriptions and/or names updated." EA also says that progress for cumulative trophies will carry across all three games.

BioWare has also been hard at work making improvements to Mass Effect's combat and in numerous other areas. In the first game of the trilogy, combat has been made to feel "snappier," thanks to accuracy, reticle bloom, and weapon sway, across all weapons, receiving some fine-tuning. The aim down sights camera view has been made tighter, abilities have been slightly reworked and balanced, Shepard will also be able to sprint out of combat, any class can use a weapon without penalty, and aim assist has also been improved.

The list of changes BioWare has made is pretty extensive. To view everything that's included, head on over to the EA website.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition launches on May 14th.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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