Dead by Daylight "All-Kill" chapter is out now with new killer The Trickster

By Heidi Nicholas,
All-Kill is available now as the newest chapter for Dead by Daylight, introducing new killer The Trickster, new survivor Yun-Jin Lee, and six new trophies.

Dead by Daylight

Name Description
Close Shave Dodge basic attacks or projectiles 100 times in public matches. icon
Adept Yun-Jin Escape with Yun-Jin using only her 3 unique perks in a public match. icon
Adept Trickster Achieve a merciless victory with The Trickster using only his 3 unique perks in a public match. icon
One Thousand Cuts Deal maximum Laceration on Survivors 50 times in public matches. icon
Multi-tasker Down 30 Survivors while carrying another Survivor in public matches. icon
Insult and Injury Escape a chase 50 times after stunning the Killer with a pallet in public matches. icon

Over on the Dead by Daylight site, Behaviour Interactive tells us that new killer Ji-Woon Hak — known as The Trickster — is a "famed singer by day, calculating serial killer by night," and "thirsts for notoriety above all, treating both his music and his murders as high art." The Trickster comes armed with several different abilities and perks. His Showstopper ability allows him to throw "a fury of throwing knives with rapid-fire speed." The Trickster starts out with 60 Blades and can replenish these at lockers. Each time he manages to hit a survivor with a Blade, the survivor's Laceration Meter goes up until they are either injured or downed — but if the survivor manages to escape his attacks for a while, the Laceration Meter will start to empty. Plus, "hitting a Survivor with a basic attack immediately decreases their Laceration Meter." The Trickster, meanwhile, has an Event Meter which fills each time a Blade hits a survivor. When it's filled all the way, it triggers his special ability, Main Event, which allows him to throw endless Blades for as long as Main Event is activated.

Along with his knife-wielding skills, the Trickster also comes with three perks: Starstruck, Hex: Crowd Control, and No Way Out. Starstruck means that if you're carrying a survivor, nearby survivors will also "suffer from the Exposed status effect for a brief duration." The Hex briefly blocks any any window that a survivor "performs a rushed vault through." Lastly, No Way Out delivers tokens for hooking survivors. At the end, the Entity will block the Exit Gate switches — how long they are blocked depends on how many tokens The Trickster managed to earn. Facing The Trickster is new survivor Yun-Jin Lee, whose three perks include Fast Track, Smash Hit, and Self-Preservation. Yun-Jin also earns tokens when a survivor is hooked, which can then be used for a progression bonus "after successfully performing a great Skill Check on generators." Smash Hit lets you sprint away after stunning The Trickster with a pallet, and Self-Preservation will hide Pools of Blood, Grunts of Pain, and Scratch Marks for a short time if another survivor nearby gets hit.

The All-Kill chapter is available now. What do you think of the new killer and survivor? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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