Battlefield insider suggests co-op campaign for next game, along with F2P elements

By Tom West,
Battlefield 6 will potentially be titled simply 'Battlefield' and have a co-op campaign set ten years in the future. A recent EA survey also hints at potential Battle Pass and F2P elements.

The leak comes via reputable Battlefield insider Tom Henderson, who states in his weekly newsletter that sources close to the project have confirmed that the next title in the Battlefield series will be set ten years from now. Players will apparently be able to experience the campaign in co-op, assisting a specialist unit that works for the USA and Russia, the world's two remaining superpowers. The leak suggests that players will have control over who they work for, as both factions will apparently attempt to recruit them. Multiplayer is quoted as being “Battlefield 3 & Battlefield 4 on steroids,” leading to the conclusion that the rumoured huge 120-player battles might be a possibility. The four-class system is supposedly returning, with each class having access to abilities such as silent footsteps for Recon.

Henderson also suggests that a battle royale mode is on its way, but it apparently won't be called Firestorm this time around after the previous effort fell flat. While on the subject of name changes, the next instalment may actually be titled simply 'Battlefield,' possibly in a move to reboot the series. One thing to note from the leak is that the possibility of the game being a hub for previous Battlefield titles sounds to be null and void.

It was recently revealed by Henderson that EA had sent out a survey with questions surrounding the series. Apparently, questions were asking for feedback on features such as F2P elements, Battle Passes, Clan/Platoon systems, weapon blueprints, and evolving maps. Of course, these could be general questions about the series, but seeing as the game is expected to launch later this year, it is safe to draw the conclusion that the information relates to Battlefield 6 or Battlefield… just announce it already so we know what to call it.

Luckily, if the rumours are correct, we should see the game announcement sometime in May. Before you shoot the messenger, please remember that none of this is official, but according to the leak, the announcement will be in the same vein as Battlefield V's and not show any gameplay.

We will let you know as soon as we have any information about the next Battlefield title, but in the meantime, what do you think of these rumoured features? Let us know down below!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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