TrueTrophies' BATH Challenge returns on Thursday

By Rich Stone,
Last March, we brought you the first ever Bonkers Arbitrary Trophy Hunt community challenge. The challenge was incredibly popular, so one year on, we thought we should bring it back...

The Bonkers Arbitrary Trophy Hunt is back for 2021The Bonkers Arbitrary Trophy Hunt is back for 2021

What is the Bonkers Arbitrary Trophy Hunt?

This is a solo, personalised community challenge. We'll build you a list of 30 trophies of varying difficulties across a broad range of games from your Game Collection, and you will have the whole of April to unlock as many as you can — pop at least 15 and you'll earn yourself a new Community Challenge Badge!

How to register

The event will begin and registration will open this Thursday, 1st April.

Okay, so why are you telling us now?

We wanted to give you a few days' notice so you could get your game collection in order. This will stop us picking trophies from games you no longer have access to for your target list.

Do you have any information on how to fix our Game Collections?

Absolutely — please read this page for some instructions.

Please also note that this event will allow you to choose the platforms you want us to pick from when you register. So you'll be able to exclude all PlayStation 3 games or Vita games should you wish to.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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