Children of Morta's next update will add Family Trials as a free new game mode

By Heidi Nicholas,
According to the updated Children of Morta roadmap, Family Trials is "coming soon" as as a new free game mode. Check out the teaser trailer:

Over on the game's Steam page, the devs explain that Family Trials was initially going to be paid DLC. But since the previous paid DLC, Paws and Claws, has already raised over $100k — 100% of the proceeds go to the Humane Society International charity — Family Trials will instead be offered for free, as a thank-you to players.

Originally, the plan had been to add a "basic endless mode," then online co-op, then a piece of paid content. Family Trials seems to be a combination of two of these: the devs "felt that the basic endless mode" they had originally planned "didn’t add that much to the game... even as a fun little free update." By "borrowing some mechanics" from what would have been the paid DLC content, they creates "something special that almost feels like a game within a game" — Family Trials. "Long story short," the devs explain, "there is no paid DLC coming anymore at a later stage - instead of that you’re getting a bigger, super fun, free content update in the form of Family Trials Mode." They're still working on online co-op, and Family Trials will make use of online co-op when it arrives.

For now, that's all we know about Family Trials. The game's previous paid DLC and free updates made their way over to the PS4 — we'll keep an eye out and update you when we hear of a release date for the Family Trials game mode.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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