Dragon Age 4 dev shares a new piece of concept art

By Heidi Nicholas,
Details on the next Dragon Age have been few and far between, but a new piece of content art shared by executive producer Christian Dailey should help to tide us over for a while. Check out the new image:

concept art

The last piece of concept art showed us an archer wielding what looked like a magical bow, similar to the one shown off in the teaser trailer. That image sent fans into speculation mode, discussing the idea of arcane archers and magical weapons. Even the fact that the character was shown with bare feet led to theories that it could be an ancient elf. A few weeks later, one hypothesis was proved correct when a BioWare book confirmed Dragon Age 4 will be set in Tevinter, taking place "as the events of Inquisition and Trespasser threaten to forever change Thedas."

Fans are already analysing this new image, shared by executive producer Christian Dailey, and pointing out everything from the scrolls on her belt to the moody urban background. At the moment, however, what seems to be drawing the most attention is this new character's hat, with a lot of players on the Dragon Age subreddit apparently divided on whether they like it or not. Either way, this image should tide us over for a while, at least while we wait for more concrete info on the next Dragon Age. What do you think of this new piece of concept art? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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