Fall Guys is ramping up the crazy in Season 4

By Tom West,
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 4 starts today, and brings a host of updated content to ensure your beans have even more obstacles to overcome on their way to victory.

Mediatonic has listed the patch notes over on the game's subreddit covering everything you can expect when jumping into Fall Guys today. Season 4 brings more quality of life improvements and some new courses for you to fight over, alone or with a squad… yes, we said squad. From today, you'll be able to enter Squad Modes and Races, allowing four players to work together and claim victory, even if only one of you makes it. This should make the Infallible trophy much easier to unlock, as only one of your squad needs to win the round for it to count for you all.

Seven new rounds are being introduced with Fall Guys Season 4, bringing more craziness for you to push your way through. Do you want lasers and low gravity zones? Look no further than Skyline Stumble. Big Shots, meanwhile, will have you standing on a seesaw while large inflatable items are shot at you. As we said, Mediatonic is coming in hard, with plenty more absurd courses for you to try and survive.

Luckily, you will be able to tackle the new content head-on with the addition of sturdier beans. Now, you'll be able to better withstand other beans hitting you and hopefully stop some of the unfair falls that you may have experienced before. We covered the Fall Guys/Among Us crossover tease last week, which will be coming in Season 4. There is a lot to try when you get into the game today, so let us know what features you will be trying first.
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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