Nour: Play With Your Food serves up a deliciously original fusion of food and music

By Luke Albigés,
If, like us, you believe that there aren't nearly enough games where you make sweet music by blowing up toasters and lobbing fruit around, you're in luck — Nour: Play With Your Food will be served up soon on PS5 to whet your appetite with a unique blend of musical nourishment. Check out the trailer below... it won't make this curious concept make any more sense, but at least it looks delicious.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Maximilian C Mueller of the incredibly-named Terrifying Jellyfish breaks down this bizarre yet captivating collision of three of our favourite things: music, games, and food. "The music heats up, cools down, rises, mixes, and melts," he explains. "What you hear is a unique combination of ingredients cooked per ever-changing specifications set by the way you play; no two play-throughs will sound the same. Wreak havoc, show restraint, and so too will the audio."

Each ingredient is tied to its own instument, and these can be manipulated in a number of ways. Blow into the DualSense controller to send lighter foodstuffs flying, or even hum or sing into it to alter their tone and pitch; tap out a slowing rhythm to drop the tempo or change the feel entirely, or go ham on the controller to set off manic audio explosions in Warp Mode; fiddle with a scene to set up loops where swinging fruit slices and tumbling ice cubes run your percussion section without you lifting a finger. It all sounds utterly intriguing, even if we're not entirely sure what the 'game' aspect of Nour will entail.

Hopefully we'll find out soon enough, though, as Nour: Play With Your Food is set to deliver its tasty beats this summer, only on PlayStation 5. Make ours a large, please.
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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