Imminent Rock Band DLC Track Delistings

By Dread__Reaver,
Listen up, rockers! You only have until December 30th to grab a certain collection of DLC tracks for Rock Band. The publisher was apparently unable to re-license a number of songs, so they are subsequently being delisted from the marketplace. The tracks that are being laid to rest are as follows:

• Crooked X - “Gone”
• Naked Brothers Band - “Body I Occupy”
• Naked Brothers Band - “I Don’t Want To Go To School”
• Scars on Broadway - “They Say”
• System of a Down - “B.Y.O.B.”
• System of a Down - “Toxicity”
• Tokio Hotel - “Ready, Set, Go!”
If you already have the tracks, great! You can continue to enjoy them as per usual, just like previous delistings. If not, however, then time is running short to nab them. In fact, the publisher is not even certain of the deadline date and recommends you pick them up much earlier than specified. They suggest you purchase them, like, right now! If you need further incentive, the tracks listed above will be available for a 50% discount, making them around $1 each.