Immortals Fenyx Rising's next DLC launches this month, free primer quest available now

By Heidi Nicholas,
Ubisoft has now confirmed the release date for the second Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC: Myths of the Eastern Realm launches on March 25th, and we have the full list of Myths of the Eastern Realm Trophies if you want to check what you'll be going up against.

Myths of the Eastern Realm is the second of three DLC expansions planned for Immortals, and introduces a new player-character: Ku. The DLC will bring us a new story based around Chinese mythology, in which Ku was the only one to escape being turned into clay after a war broke out between Heaven and Earth. Aided by the Goddess Nuwa and the Phoenix, Ku sets out across a new open world to face new gods and monsters. Along with a new character, associate game director Julien Galloudec told us that this DLC will also feature new puzzle mechanics and "a new mechanic for the combo system."

We also have a free primer quest to keep us occupied until Myths of the Eastern Realm arrives. Titled "We Are Not Alone," the quest arrived yesterday with the game's latest update and can be found in the south of the Valley of Eternal Spring. According to Ubisoft, this quest brings us "a stamina-testing platforming challenge in the clouds, with an appropriately themed prize for players who complete it." You won't need to have completed the quest to be able to play the DLC.

We Are Not Alone is available in-game now, while the full Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC arrives in just a few weeks, on March 25th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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