Apex Legends gets Caustic Town Takeover with Chaos Theory Collection event next week

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection event kicks off next week on March 9th, bringing the Caustic Town Takeover, the Ring Fury Escalation Takeover, No-Fill Matchmaking for solo play, and more. Check out the event trailer below:

With the Town Takeover, Caustic is looking for help with an experiment at the Caustic Treatment facility, which has been set up where Water Treatment used to be. You have to "drain the toxic liquid" from the facility, and in return you get temporary access to four gold loot items which you'll find locked inside cages. The Mirage Voyage isn't there anymore, and this is apparently Caustic's fault too — it doesn't seem like it's gone for good, though, as the devs say "that party boat tends to show up in an arena when you least expect it."

Next up is Ring Fury, a new playlist takeover which "follows regular BR rules," with a few changes. When the event kicks off next week, you'll see at least one Ring Flare each round within the Ring. These Ring Flares are "slowly expanding pockets of the Ring" and do just as much damage as the Ring itself. To combat these Flares, you'll be given a Heat Shield, which you'll find not in the usual inventory but in the new Survival Slot. Heat Shields throw up domes around you which gives you cover and protection from both Flares and the Ring itself. If your Heat Shield is set off by the Ring, you'll get a 50% boost to the speed of healing items and a 25% boost to the speed of Revives. Ring Fury is an Escalation Takeover, and as such the devs say it will get more and more difficult as the event continues: "every few days during the event, we’re going to turn some knobs to crank up the prevalence, timing, and size of Ring Flares. By the end of the event, you can expect five different stages of escalation."

Chaos Theory Collection event

Another big addition of next week's update will be the arrival of No-Fill Matchmaking as a "new way to play the game as a solo Legend." This introduces a significant change to the game's matchmaking system, which usually works to round out your team to Duos or Trios while you wait in the lobby. From next week, you'll be able to untick the "Fill Matchmaking" box and head into your selected playlist, by yourself. So, for instance, if you chose Trios, you'd be fighting teams of three on your own. The Apex Legends devs say they "still strongly believe that, at its best, Apex Legends is a game about teamplay. But we’re launching this No-Fill matchmaking as an option for solo players because we think it gives a lot of creative opportunities for you to play the game your way."

The Chaos Theory Collection event rewards, meanwhile, include earnable cosmetics like the Kraber and EVA-8 weapon skins, as well as 24 themed cosmetics which will be available to purchase via Apex Coins, Crafting Metals, and Event Apex Packs. If you manage to collect all 24, you'll also earn the Bangalore Heirloom. Lastly, next week's event will also bring a range of Legend and weapon updates, quality of life changes, and bug fixes. You can find out more about those on the Apex Legends site.

The Chaos Theory Collection event begins on March 9th, on the same day that Apex Legends launches for the Switch. The event runs for two weeks and ends on March 23rd.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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