Fall Guys Season 4 reveal hidden behind 2,400-piece jigsaw [updated]

By Heidi Nicholas,
Update: The puzzle has already been completed, with Mediatonic saying it took the Fall Guys Discord community over ten hours. Along with the flying saucer-themed U.F.G outfit, we can see a few other alien and space-themed outfits that will arrive with Season 4, along with a new futuristic look for the levels themselves — plus what looks like some sort of slime obstacle. Here's the official Season 4 promo art:

Season 4

Original story: The Fall Guys team is gearing up to reveal Season 4, but first it's asking all Fall Guys players to help by reassembling all 2,400 pieces of the promo art.

Like with Season 3, when the devs broke the promo art up into 300 pieces and sent it to Fall Guys fans to solve, the final image will give us an idea of what Season 4 will look like — except this time, the process is a bit more complicated. Instead of 300 pieces, there are 2,400, and it's open to all players. You're free to work on assembling the puzzle yourself or with a team, but we likely won't hear confirmation from Mediatonic until it's done.

We already know Season 4 — Fall Guys 4041 — will have a futuristic theme, and one of the outfits has already been revealed as the flying saucer-themed U.F.G. but the finished promo art will give us an idea of the other outfits and what the levels themselves will look like. Season 4 will also extend the Fame Path to 50 levels, and the top of that U.F.G. outfit can be unlocked at level 39, while the bottom half will be unlocked at level 42. We'll update you when Season 4's promo art is officially revealed.
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