Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer arrives next month

By Sean Carey,
Watch Dogs: Legion's online multiplayer mode launches on March 9th, adding co-op free-roam, co-op missions, and a PvP mode involving spiderbots.

Watch Dogs: Legion online

In co-op free-roam, up to four players can band together, check out city events, complete challenges, and participate in side activities together. You'll also be able to complete co-op missions that will see you and your crew fight against various threats located throughout London.

For those looking for a more narrative experience, there's Leader of the Pack — a four-player co-op Tactical Op, which requires you and your team to work together across five interconnected narrative missions. Ubisoft says you'll need to strategise and ensure your team has upgraded gadgets and a strong lineup of recruits.

Finally, the first PvP mode coming to Watch Dogs: Legion is Spiderbot Arena. In this mode, four players will control armed spiderbots and compete in a deathmatch.

Watch Dogs: Legion online

Two new single-player missions will also be available on March 9th for Season Pass holders. Guardian Protocol has you tracking down a rogue AI that can override people's decisions, and Not in Our Name sees you putting a stop to a group who claims to be Dedsec.

Throughout 2021 you can expect more content, including an Invasion PvP mode, new missions, and free characters. Season Pass owners will also get access to extra Dedsec missions and Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline — a story expansion featuring Aiden Pearce and Wrench from previous Watch Dogs titles.

Ubisoft hasn't announced anything on new trophies for the Legion's upcoming online modes, but we've reached out for more information.

Watch Dogs: Legion's online multiplayer launches on March 9th.

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