Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Crimson Heist adds new Operator Flores & Border map rework

By Heidi Nicholas,
Crimson Heist will kick off Year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege, adding new Operator Flores, a rework of the Border map, and a new secondary weapon option for select Attackers.

The new Operator Flores is an Attacker with medium speed and armour. He's good with tech and is a master thief — his speciality is his RCE-Ratero gadget, which is basically a bomb on a drone. Once deployed, this gadget doesn't stop or slow down unless it's destroyed or triggered. If it is triggered, it stops, becomes armoured and bulletproof, and detonates. It can't reverse but it can jump, so if triggered mid-air, it can be attached to the nearest surface to clear barricades. The drone can also damage enemies and enemy gadgets. Flores will also be armed with an AR33 assault rifle, GSH-18 handgun, stunt grenade, SR-25 marksman rifle, and a claymore. Flores will be available through the premium track of Crimson Heist's Battle Pass, or with Renown or R6 credits for two weeks after the season begins.

The Gonne-6, meanwhile, is a new secondary weapon option available to a select group of Attackers. It only has a single round, but Ubisoft says "this secondary weapon can make a crucial difference by taking out bulletproof gadgets, including bulletproof cameras, deployable shields, Maestro’s Evil Eye turrets, Castle’s barricades, and more." Also introduced with Crimson Heist is the rework of the Border map, which adds a new outside staircase to the Archives, a balcony connecting East Stairs to the Break Room, and a new destructible wall in the Bathroom.

Crimson Heist is expected to begin on March 16th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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