Easy platinum We Were Here available to download for free

By Sean Carey,
Total Mayhem Games has announced that its We Were Here series is coming to PlayStation consoles. To celebrate, the developer has made the first game in the series, We Were Here, free to download for a limited time.

The We Were Here games are cooperative first-person puzzle adventures where you are tasked with escaping an area using a pair of walkie-talkies. All three games are two-player online co-op only, so you're going to need a buddy to play these. You and your partner will have to communicate to solve various puzzles and explore the surrounding areas.

If you do have a pal, you can team up with, We Were Here is an easy platinum. Looking at the game's Xbox achievement list and comparing to the trophy list, they are very similar with the exception of one trophy being swapped out for the platinum. According to completion estimates on TrueAchievements, unlocking all of the game's trophies will take between one and two hours, but you will need to run through the game three times. If you and your buddy need a helping hand, check out the We Were Here walkthrough on TA.

Anyone can claim a free copy of We Were Here, but you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play the game.

The sequels We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together will be coming to PlayStation consoles on February 23rd.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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